Sunday, May 25, 2014

President is crazy about Instagram.....

I had consejo yesterday and didn't get to write until today. I´m sure President may have already posted the pictures on his Instagram, and if it wasn't him it was his cute daughters and Hermana Heyman.

We had a good meeting yesterday, we learned a lot, and for the FIRST TIME EVER the Hermanas had to chance to take part in Rendir Cuentas, and it´s a good thing we did. When our leader talked about why we had our numbers he made it sound really bad and said that the Hermanas were waiting for Transfers and that´s why our numbers were really bad,
and pres said that we were going to get what we (supposedly) wanted. . . as you can image working with the Hermanas and knowing their situations I was not at all happy with what happened, and Hermanas Allred, Healey and Lund all knew it. Thankfully we had the chance to rebuild that burned bridge (phew!). The Zone has been having a tough time and we've been burning through plans to fix it for a good while. We are working hard, and really I don´t want to leave this area until a difference has been made, that´s what happened in Bella Vista. I think when I said that the last few weeks were the hardest of my mission I forgot how hard it was to start in Bella Vista, we got there with a lot of things to fix. I think the Lord likes to send me on rescue missions . . . or I really am just having a hard time.  I like the first one, makes me feel better about what it is I´m doing. We had a tough week, but at least I´m happy this time :)

We still don´t have much of a teaching pool, we´re searching and praying for people in our ward directory for people to visit so we can find some prepared people. There are ways of doing things that we´re going to have to change, just little things like how we present ourselves, or if in the moment we´re actually sincere about what we´re doing (in other words: exercising faith to have success at all times. Which is some moments easier said than done but possible). I'm trying to be sure this week that the people we meet have a spiritual experience especially in the first few moments, and always leave them with a testimony. This should be fun. Also to find more reasons to love the people here, I could always love them a little more.

The world cup starts soon, and it's already fun here when the local football teams play each other. People will get ready for them all day with huge flags, jerseys, their motorcycles, and every once in a while a truck. The two biggest teams here are River and Boca,
you can always tell when they´re playing and at about 8:00 you know who won.

Oh! the music went well in Stake conference. Elder Viñez of the 70 came and spoke and Presidente y Hermana Heyman were there too. Elder Viñez is so AMAZING! Learned so much from him. They also changed the Stake Presidency. The Stake President is in our area. He´s a cool guy with a wonderful family.

All the people we found the other week choose to not listen to us any more. 
Maria came to conference so that was great!

I´m glad ya´ll had a good week! I tried to explain exactly what it is that dad does for work to my Zone Leader on the bus last night after consejo, lucky he´s from Cali so I got to use Spanglish. Congrats on your graduations Kevin and Justin on your graduations. 

Love you all!!!
Hermana A. Johansen

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Skype on Mothers day.....

HEY!! It was good to talk to all of you yesterday! We were all on a mother´s day hi for forever after. I feel like I've been revived for another good four months. 

I saw the picture of Kevin´s mask, GOOD JOB KID!! I wanna make one.  When I get back I´m going to be drawing so much! There is no time here! I doodle a little bit in Sunday school in my planner . 

This week has been a lot better! We actually found people! We´re happier, and the last two weeks have actually helped us grow closer as a companionship, district and a zone. When you´re at what seems to be the lowest of lows the gospel is what really picks you up. Apply the principles and they help you out of what ever rut you´re in. I think when you´re always teaching people about the gospel you´re put through trials a lot of the time just so you know that what you´re teaching really works.

Sofia ´Fe´ is so cute!! she looks just like Brit and her eyes are HUGE! I love that picture, it´s adorable. Lexi's 8! Oh my goodness! She´s so big! and another baptism in the family that I´m missing, it´s alright, I´ll be there for other things. Joel´s a babe ;)

I´m glad ya´ll had a wonderful mother´s day! and I can´t wait . . . well I can . . . rephrase . . . I´m very patiently excited to talk to all of you again!

Love you! and I´ll talk to you again next week with pictures.

Hermana. Amanda Johansen (the original :)