Monday, April 29, 2013

Howdy !!!!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the letters Riley, Jude, Laura, Parker, and Michelle! It made my day to be able to hear form you all! I am loving my mission, and am so happy so many of you want to go on missions, you have no idea how happy that makes me :) Riley, I would love to be your pen pal :D Jude, how's your gymnastics going? Michelle, I'm so excited to hear you play the piano! I'm glad you had fun with my family. Parker, haha I understand how school can be hard and fun at the same time :)  try to be a good kid at school. I'm proud of you, bud, that's wonderful that you've decided now to serve a mission when you've grown a foot or two, you'll be a fantastic Missionary!

KEVIN! and GRANDMA! and NEAL! and JUSTIN! and DEBBIE! and EVERYONE ELSE IN MAY AND APRIL! Happy Birthday!! Love you all!

I wish I could tell you all about the people I get to meet, teach and serve with! That's crazy that Bro. Boothe knows Pres. Vellinga! Pres. is the best! He loves this work, you can see it so clearly in his eyes. Cool thing is that I've had the opportunity to serve at sites in Kirtland (N. K. Whitney Store and Home) but I get to do something else that's amazing as well. Because I'm a visa waiter, Pres wants me in the area as much as possible, so I get to go on exchanges almost every other day. Which I see as such a blessing. There are so many people in the Cleveland mission that I wouldn't be able to meet if I didn't get to be out so much, and sisters that I wouldn't have been able to teach with or learn as much from other wise. 

All of the sisters are so good at realizing that I'm supposed to be a Spanish speaking Sister, and they try to utilize my 'talent' and attempt to help me grow as much as they possibly can. I am so grateful for it! I've had the chance to meet and relate to more families than I have ever before. But in our area, this is so cool, Sisters Palmer, Stodard and I have return appointments with a beautiful family of 11!! and and family of 3!! The husbands of the families were the ones to meet with the sisters before and said that we could come back the first time :D In the family of three their daughter is really looking for a stable religion, and her mom thought it'd be a good idea for her to meet with us :) We're meeting with them this coming Thursday. 

You know what else is SO COOL! :D I had no idea that I would be able to find ways to involve my art in my work as a missionary, but God gives us talents for a reason, and when you're in His service, he will utilize them. :) I've been relating to investigators, members, and less actives through my doodles in my planner and my love for art and culture itself! What's really fun is to relate what I love to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expose them to something even more wonderful at the same time. 

Laura H, I'll get a letter written to you soon :) no worries. 
Sarah A. I have more stuff to draw in that little journal. Did it get to you since I sent it back from the MTC? 

Hope all is well with all of you! 

Hermana Johansen

       Hermana Johansen with President and Sister Vellinga

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 1 in Ohio....

Mornin to all Ya'll!

As a few of you may know, I have been assigned to the Cleveland, Ohio Mission and get to serve in Historic Kirtland! OH MY GOODNESS the history that is here. I am learning a ton! The people are amazing, and the love I get to feel for everyone I meet is unbelievable. We ran into a man while knocking on doors the other day, and I keep asking when we're going to call him so we can tell him more about this amazing knowledge that we have!

I have the best companions! Yes, I am in a Trio. SO MUCH FUN!! Their names are Sister Stodard and Palmer. They're very good missionaries, there's a lot that I can learn from them. They're really good at being good sports when it comes to my language study, and dealing with where I come up short. I have been blessed with out a doubt.  There are a ton of things that I wish I could tell you all about, but don't worry, I'm keeping a journal. There's so little time and P days go by so very fast!  Guess what I did on my first day! Haha I had to opportunity to challenge a couple to commit to baptism which was rejected, but it'll come in time. So cool.

My mission Pres and his family are amazing! Their daughter and Sabrina need to be friends. They are the Vellingas. First time I read that I pulled an Argentine moment, so proud of myself.

The mercies of the Lord are so evident. And I love being able to see them so often. I love working so hard that I'm so exhausted at the end of the day! I sleep well, I'm so spoiled. I have a cozy bed, and carpet . . . . not what I was expecting for the first week. We give tours too! and I've been through the Kritland Temple, the N.K. Whitney Store, School of the Prophets and such, I love it!

Brit! Oh my goodness, you're a mom! :D I love her already, give her hugs and kisses for me! My Anderson Girls, I'm so excited to get your letters! I love you all, and hope all is going well.

It was snowing at 4am when I left the MTC, a perfect good bye for me from Utah. SPEAKING OF SNOW!! HOLY SPAZZ! I love it, thanks for sending the pictures. I don't know how long I'll continue to be in Ohio, but my visa stuff hasn't come through yet, but they will ship me out once I get through. 

This work is great, I live it and I love it! We are so blessed and have great opportunities because of this gospel! Our Savior LIVES, and God loves us!
Love you all!
Hermana A. Johansen

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pictures form the MTC :)

Finally we have pictures! Hermana Johansen's companion is Hermana Bateman. Their district consists of 4 sets of Hermanas(Sister missionary pairs of 2) and 2 sets of Hermanos (Elders) first but not the last to have more Sisters than Elders. She was able to see one of her good friends Hermana Lechner who is also going to a Spanish speaking mission. 

Hermana Johansen and Hermana Bateman

Hermana's in her district,

the district and their teachers,
A painting from an artist she knows quite well :)

Is there anyone that can leave the MTC without getting hurt?

Missionaries for the Lord,

Teaching from the Book of Mormon,

in the Cleveland Ohio and Resistencia Argentina missions.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Temporary assignment....

As it goes, there are some times that the signing of a visa is delayed for what ever reason. This results in our missionaries not being able to depart for their assigned mission on their expected departure date. Some missionaries only need to wait an extra day and then depart for their mission and others an unknown length of time. Hermana (Sister) Johansen's departure day was April 9th. Instead of getting on the plane she got into a van with other missionaries assigned to serve in Argentina to visit with the consulate in Salt Lake City. As you can read in her previous letter it was a positive experience but the visas were not signed on that day leaving the question of where she will be assigned to while she waits for her visa. Her new assignment is the Ohio, Cleveland Spanish speaking mission. She leaves early Monday morning and will serve the Lord there until her visa is signed which could be up to two weeks. If by chance it is signed earlier she will leave for Argentina at that time. Hermana Johansen is in great spirits and knows that where she goes is where the Lord wants her to be and accepts this adjustment with excitement.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Howdy from the MTC still!

Howdy From the MTC still!

So we saw the Consulate yesterday! We are a step closer to getting to Argentina! :D !!Estoy es moy animado!! He seemed pretty happy to be there, and was very kind to us. Oh buddy was it a great adventure! Finally got to get off campus for the first time in six weeks! I love Salt Lake a ton right now, we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building to get the visas going. All of the people going to Argentina went with me. We get to figure out where we're being transferred to tomorrow . . . I think. When I call home can I call the house phone so I can leave a message for everyone if I get missed?

Crazy fact about New Zealand! I met a Sister C. Joseph from New Zealand going to the Salt Lake Mission. She's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, just so happy. She's been trying to find someone who's going to my same mission so that she could get the address to send a letter to her best friend Elder Sufia, and she found ME! :D I knew I had the mission home address somewhere, I just needed to locate it. I found it before she left last night, so the world is happy, and hopefully it'll work out for her. Hello to everyone who reads this on the blog (especially Laura, and Marci cause I know you read this)!

Conference was awesome! Listen to it lots, read it lots, and get something out of it! It was so cool to be surrounded by missionaries during conference. When ever they mentioned missionary work some people cheered, and when something awesome there was a wave of clicking!

So the personal study highlight for this week was the story of Queen Lamoni. When I read it I was struck with the insane amount of her faith, and the hope that she had that what Amon had told her was true. And she stayed by her husbands side until the time that Amon said that he would wake, and when he did he expressed his love for God, and how much he loved her. Everyone goes crazy about other love stories in the scriptures, and misses the wonderful love story in the conversion of King and Queen Lamoni. SO COOL!
Sorry I don't have much time. Marci, thanks for the letter! Caden, if you read this stuff by chance, Welcome Home!! You're all awesome.

Love ya'll!

Hermana A. Johansen

Monday, April 8, 2013

KSL- A Mighty Band of Youth

Sister Johansen has been able to sing in the MTC choir while in the MTC. Can you find her? Watch KSL's "A Might Band of Youth".

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Deseret News Feb. 22, 2013

 An interview with Joseph Walker of the Deseret News. Published Feb 22, 2013. Sister Johansen explains her decision to serve a mission at age 19 after President Monson's announcement in October 2012 conference. In the article LDS Church creates 58 missions. Sister Johansen's mission, Resistencia, Argentina Mission, will be split July 1, 2013.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Life's good here. I can't wait to get out of the MTC and go to work. My Spanish is still awful, but I know more than when I got here for sure. I can share my testimony, try my best, and that's what matters. As for travel plans, we're still not sure how this is going to turn out. We're going to Salt Lake next Tuesday to go get some Visa work done, and usually Visas take about two weeks. Chances are that we'll either be stuck here until we get it, or we'll be temporarily transferred  We thought we were going to get them on time and be sent right to Argentina. It'll be an adventure for sure, we'll see what happens.

We were working on our language computer program (TALL) the other day working on Conditional Nouns and one of them was Sabrian, which I think means ´´they would know," but I doubt you'll have any trouble figuring out that I thought of Sabrina, I almost cried. Steve, I tell your stories all the time, they're probably sick of me telling them about you and Mike.

GUESS WHO I SAW THIS WEEK!! Yup! Colton Purcell! He was on my floor in 18M and I almost missed him. It was one of those crazy random happenstances where my class was on a two minute break, and I was just looking the right way. We all know how fast he moves in his wheel chair, I'm glad I caught him. You Rock Colton! I'm glad I got to see you.

Mikayla! Congrats on your Baptism!!! Mom kinda let the secret slip to me so I've been sitting here all excited for you for as long as I've known. I'm glad Mom, Kevin and Sabrina got to go. I don't even remember how long I've been in on it since days seem to blur together here. WOOO HOOO!! Welcome to the club! :) It's the beginning of the best decisions you'll ever make in your life, I promise, and it only gets better.

Thank you for the package! Oh my dearest Cooper Girls, thank you so very much for the drawings. They're on the wall above my bed with Lexi's. I showed all the girls in my district, they loved them and said that you're all very beautiful. I love you, don't forget it :)  Thanks for the watercolour pencil, I almost did a flip when I saw it. To our Riddle family, thank you so much for your support and the love you send, I appreciate it a ton. I hope Elder Mike's doing alright and staying strong. I can't wait to get the MNL (mission news letter) to hear about all of our missionaries it really gives me a stronger sense of our purpose.

As for the work this last week, Hermana Bateman and I taught the lesson about Baptism and we had a wonderful discussion in our district, and because it's Easter we tied it into the Sacrament a ton. I think that was the best teaching experience we've had while we've been here. Oh! Have I told you that the Second Counselor in my Branch Presidency is the Nephew to President Monson? Well if I didn't I'm telling you now. They're just the sweetest, and some of the most insightful people I've met. haha They want me to sketch them something before I go for them to remember me by, and Mimi's (his wife) so much fun to sing Alto with.

  TRC rocks!  We met with a man named Santiago (James for those of you who don't know) about receiving inspiration and revelation through Church attendance. The people who do TRC are such wonderful individuals, and they help me with my Spanish and strengthen my testimony so much. I go in to teach and end up being taught so much more. Santiago is I think in his early fifties and a cowboy, and has such a good heart. He reminded me of both my cowboy grandpas and my hard core Sanpete guy friends and my college buddy James because of the name who have all been some of the greatest examples to me. I told him and I left the session crying cause I felt such love for him and the people he reminded me of, and the Argentine Cowboys I get to meet in who knows how long.

Our teachers are the best, there are so many amazing testimony builders that happen with all of them that it's difficult to pin point any particular one. But I do have something from personal study that has stuck with me all week. I was reading in 1 Nephi 17:50-51 when Nephi's telling his brothers what's what and says that, "If God had commanded me to do all things I COULD DO THEM." and if He can do anything, how would he not be able to teach me how to build a ship?? It got me thinking, and I said to myself, " I have been called of GOD, therefore, I am perfectly capable of teaching the gospel to those in Argentina because 'Dad' said I can." and that's good enough for me. In our family, for those of you who don't know, we have this little picture book that I found for mother's day called 'Mom Says I Can' about a little boy who's something different everyday. He'll be a fire fighter, a fighter pilot, and so many other things. One day he's walking around the house as himself and his mom asks him who he was that day, and he simply says, "Today I am yours." Now my parents tell me all the time that I can do anything, and I believe them. I have been called to serve a mission, which is difficult in itself, I've been called to serve in a different language, which is so much fun, and my Father in Heaven says I can do this. I then looked to 1 Nephi 3:7 which states that 'the Lord giver no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.' I know I can do this because God says I can, and through our Savior has made it possible to do anything he asks of us. SO COOL!!! AH! It makes me so happy. I love personal study, cause I get to sit there with my Book of Mormon and find things that apply to my life and to those of my investigators. (haha fun fact, reading this encouraged me to look up the Primary song 'Nephi's Courage' in Spanish, and I found it! It made my day. Tell the Primary kids "hi' for me, especially my Lane, Christian, and Mia. Tell the boys that I heard a story about a spider in Brazil that was the size of a toilet seat, they found it and it was hissing at them, probably cause they walked in on it, but STILL it's HHHHUUUUUGGGGEEEE!!!! haha also tell them that hairspray kills spiders.)

Any way There's so much I can't tell you in a letter and I don't have a lot of time to write everything I want to even though it's a novel as it is. We've been given an hour to write to our families since we're allowed to E-MAIL FRIENDS now.

To those who are following my blog, Thanks for reading! That's so cool! You rock.

Anyway, The Church is true! Know it, LIVE it, LOVE IT. That's the way to go. Enjoy Conference! I'm so excited!!
Love you all, tell people hi for me.

Hermana A. Johansen

If you would like to email Hermana A. Johansen please comment on her blog and I will reply with her address. Thanks