Tuesday, January 28, 2014


WE ARE SO HAPPY THIS WEEK!!! Van.., Lic... and Luc.. were successfully baptized and confirmed this weekend. Just before transfers which is perfect. We love them so much. They had a perfect baptism and their spirits were so excited just like they should be! We would make eye contact with them all day, especially Lucy. They've been saying all week ¨Why can´t it be Saturday already??¨ ¨I want to be baptized today.¨ and Lucy says that she wants to be a missionary. We gave them some Futura Misionera name tags and I had to change it a bit for Benj.., but it worked. 

We have transfers this coming week and We´re a little nervous. We work well together and we´re comfortable with what we've got here and that's always when the changes happen. 

We had a great Zone Conference. Hermana Allred and I just talked about Hermana. Heyman´s capacitacion about Unity in a companionship. Of course while we were there the Zone Leaders were talking to us and the DLs about what we think will happen for Translados. They all think Hermana Allred is going to leave me. We hope that´s not true, but we´ll see what happens. 

I keep trying to think of what else happened this week but with the baptism, Resistencia, and Goya there´s not much else that happens. Tons of Spiritual highs from the investigators, stress about making sure the members have everything ready, and a super fast week. It rained FINALLY! and it´s been a very cloudy weekend and we couldn't be happier. There have been no stresses about power outages while writing this time. :)

Cool thing that happened. We went to our convert´s house yesterday to talk about the roles of our Heavenly Father, our Savior, and the Holy Ghost. Lic... was a little confused at first, but she got it in the end and what she wasn't sure about she had the faith to just trust it. She told us that she trusts us enough that if we told her anything she would believe us. It´s so worth being a missionary! I love it. 

I would write a scripture right now but ya know, ya´ll should just read Enos. It´s one of my favorites and changes lives, and has helped Lic... to know that she can believe in God without having to see him. So that´s your Homework, kids. Enos. :) Read it. 

RILEY!! I´m so proud of you! way to choose to be Baptized! There´s nothing more amazing you can do than to follow the example of our Savior. ¿Sabe qué? Your being baptized three days before my dad´s birthday and 5 days before my year mark on my mission! How cool is that? I was baptized on January 2002 at the Church across the street from my house. My dad baptized me, and the water was warm. The family was there, I´m sorry I can´t be there for yours, but I hope you know I would be if I could. I love you, and am so proud of you. :)

I´m glad you all had a good week! and Dad I´m glad you´re on the road to feeling better with your shoulder.

¡Les Amo!
Hermana A Johansen

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


GUESS WHO´S GETTING BAPTIZED!!! Yup, Lic...., Van.... and Luc...! They made it to church on Sunday, and they loved it. Sadly they had to leave early and Luc... was so sad that she couldn't stay for Mujeres Jovenes(YW). They have changed so much and they are simply amazing! We had to talk to Presidente. Heyman to get permission for them but when we told him our reasons for why we felt they should be baptized all he did was look at us and say ¨Baptize ém¨ We are so happy right now. 

The meeting yesterday was great, and Hermana Allred and I get to teach in Zone Conference today. I got to see Hermana Lund, Quick, Hernandez, Ashby, Elder Leon and all them and Presidente, and Hermana Heyman. We also learned a ton of good things which is always nice, but it´s oddly amazing to see all sorts of people you love. We went to see if they had any of our packages ready for us to take home, and there was nothing there. They´re still at the post office. There was so much that came in for Christmas that they´re having a hard time keeping up with everything, it doesn't help that their slow and take their sweet time doing things like this anyway. 

My interview with Presidente Heyman went well, it was surprisingly short, but it´s nice to know that he trusts me enough that he doesn't have to worry about me (much), it surprised everyone how short it was, they all thought something was wrong, nope it's all good. What happens, happens and he seemed happy with me. I love interviews, they´re so nerve wracking before and amazing during and after. 

 I´m excited to be able to take my own pictures at the baptism. It will be nice to have a camera again. 

I am so happy you all had a wonderful week! I wish I could comment on all that I've heard, and I would if I had the time and the fast fingers to do so.

I have one thing to say right now . . . . . It is SO HOT HERE! and it´s not even the hottest part of the mission! If I get sent to Formosa I will die. The end. It´s about 90-100 degrees everyday. We pray constantly for rain or at least for the skies to be over cast. I've never been so happy not to see blue skies and no sun before in my life.

I love being a missionary! I know this Gospel is true, that the Book of Mormon is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, and most importantly that our Savior lives and loves silly sweaty little people like me and all the rest of us in Argentina and of course everyone else as well :) 

Mom, I have been thinking about that talk, and I´ll get it to ya on time, well I will do my best. I hope ya´ll have a wonderful week and have more stories to tell me.

Love you all!

Hermana A Johansen

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Announcement of a new Mission President and pictures.....

Future  Missionaries

Hermana's standing strong together.

¡¡Hola mi querido Familia!!

¡¡Hola mi querido Familia!!

I´m glad to know that everything´s going well at home. Sorry about the pictures not working out. If I have time today I´ll try to do something about that. 

As for this week we had interviews with Pte. Heyman today and he told us all about our new Pte. and his wife. They seem really amazing, and I´m excited to be able to work with them when that time comes around. My interview was really short. Everyone was shocked about how fast it was, they ended up asking what was up. But it felt good, like really that was all that was needed. He asked me how I was feeling, shared a little about the Book of Mormon and had me share my testimony about it with him. Then, I don´t know entierly why, but I told him about the story of Mike and Marci and how I decided to be a missionary. And then we were done. The end. See ya at Consejo next monday. By the way I have consejo next Monday.  I love having our interviews with President Heyman. Hermana Allred and I talk a ton about how much we love President and Hermana Heyman.

Van.... and Lic... and the family didn´t come to church this week. Vane got an insane head ache and had to run to the hospital to get it checked on. They´re coming for sure the next few saturdays cause we told them that to be able to be baptized all together like they want as a family they have to come si o si. We have a lesson with them today, and we´re watching the Joseph Smith movie with them. 

Yesterday was also Hermana Allred´s birthday! That was tons of fun. We coloured all day in Primary in her honor, and I was totally fine with that. 

Spreaking of:

Que los cumplas feliz! Que los cumplas feliz! Que los cumplas SABRINA!!! Que los cumplas Feliz!!! 

sorry if I spelled that wrong, chances are that I did, but it doesn´t matter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA! Love ya.

Love you all too! Thanks for the pictures, and the emails. they´re the best. And I´m glad everyone´s happy. Have fun with your new fishing boat dad! Mom I´ll work on that talk. Have the best week of your entire lives! We have reason to rejoice, we know the truth, and we should be happy about it. Help others want to know Christ because they know you.

Hermana A Johansen

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Howdy! I said that to one of my Argentine friends one day and she got so lost.

So this week has gone by so fast in comparison to last week! But we've all been starving for a P day. Elder Fiabane was singing to us on the phone last night ¨mañana es P-day, mañana es P-day¨ we've basically been playing the what´s tomorrow? which means the next day is . . . game all week. We've had a hard time finding new people this week, which is funny cause Hermana Allred and I both feel like we´ve improved so much and are the best quality of missionaries that we've been so far on the mission and we've had the hardest time finding people to teach cause no one really wants to listen. Yesterday was a good day though. We decided that we were going to choose certain sections of our area and turn them inside out. We didn´t pass one block with out clapping at at least one house. We found a few people and we have a return appointment with one of them today. Later that night we had to come up closer to the Plaza due to menos de luz, and we found a lady who the Elders had talked to about a month ago, and had recently moved into our area. She said that she felt bad for not paying a ton of attention to them when they were there cause she was working, but she wants to listen to us so we´ll see how that goes. 

Our gators Van... and Lic... (daughter, mother) Finally came to church yesterday! When Hermana Allred and Healey found them. Their friend had died in a motorcycle accident and the next week someone else close to them passed away, crappy stuff just kept happening, they were all sad and Lic... said that she would never come to church, and guess where she was yesterday! They've changed so much! Van... gave up smoking and going to the club on Saturday nights.  Surprise to us, since yesterday was fast Sunday, and Van...´s first time ever, we taught them about tithing and fast offerings, she gave fast offerings!! They are Amazing! They have a date for the 25th of this month. Now we just need Luc... to get out of bed so she can come to church with her mom and sister so she can be baptized with her family. :)

We got to hold a baby owl this week! 
Congrats to so many people this week!! Dad and Mom, 24 years!! Jessie and Randy: Ashton is adorable! Looks like he´s definitely a Cooper! And Randy, congrats on your baptism! That´s great. You´ll have to send me pictures.

Love you all!!
Have the best week ever!

Hermama A Johansen