Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Howdy! I said that to one of my Argentine friends one day and she got so lost.

So this week has gone by so fast in comparison to last week! But we've all been starving for a P day. Elder Fiabane was singing to us on the phone last night ¨mañana es P-day, mañana es P-day¨ we've basically been playing the what´s tomorrow? which means the next day is . . . game all week. We've had a hard time finding new people this week, which is funny cause Hermana Allred and I both feel like we´ve improved so much and are the best quality of missionaries that we've been so far on the mission and we've had the hardest time finding people to teach cause no one really wants to listen. Yesterday was a good day though. We decided that we were going to choose certain sections of our area and turn them inside out. We didn´t pass one block with out clapping at at least one house. We found a few people and we have a return appointment with one of them today. Later that night we had to come up closer to the Plaza due to menos de luz, and we found a lady who the Elders had talked to about a month ago, and had recently moved into our area. She said that she felt bad for not paying a ton of attention to them when they were there cause she was working, but she wants to listen to us so we´ll see how that goes. 

Our gators Van... and Lic... (daughter, mother) Finally came to church yesterday! When Hermana Allred and Healey found them. Their friend had died in a motorcycle accident and the next week someone else close to them passed away, crappy stuff just kept happening, they were all sad and Lic... said that she would never come to church, and guess where she was yesterday! They've changed so much! Van... gave up smoking and going to the club on Saturday nights.  Surprise to us, since yesterday was fast Sunday, and Van...´s first time ever, we taught them about tithing and fast offerings, she gave fast offerings!! They are Amazing! They have a date for the 25th of this month. Now we just need Luc... to get out of bed so she can come to church with her mom and sister so she can be baptized with her family. :)

We got to hold a baby owl this week! 
Congrats to so many people this week!! Dad and Mom, 24 years!! Jessie and Randy: Ashton is adorable! Looks like he´s definitely a Cooper! And Randy, congrats on your baptism! That´s great. You´ll have to send me pictures.

Love you all!!
Have the best week ever!

Hermama A Johansen

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