Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year.....

The power has gone off twice already while I´ve been emailing and all I´ve been doing is trying to load some pictures on to send them to you. We can´t get it to work, I´m sorry. I´ll send some next week, I will try very hard to do so anyway. 

It was so nice to be able to see you all! Grandma, I´m sorry I couldn't wait to talk to you at dinner, I wish I would've been able to. As our porteño Elder Fiabane would say it would be ¨legit.¨ You´re all amazing and I love you all so much.  

We had a great Christmas. It was hot and snowless, but we had a good one. Spent lunch with the Flía Sayas which was amazing and we couldn't eat it all. Pizza Empanadas and surprisingly good chicken. then on to the Duartes to talk to my amazing family, We had dinner with them the night before, that was also really really good. They don´t get too excited about it until the day of, the people down here, and if they decorate it looks like someone in the states who was too lazy to take it down from the year before. 

Work this week has been tough, yesterday was an adventure and a half and Hermana Allred and I had the most awkward of moments SO MANY TIMES! they just kept coming. We walked for at least three hours strait looking for new people because all of our investigators were dropped or had dropped us the week before. Dogs almost ate us, people opened their doors right before we clapped/knocked, some guy talked our ears off about nothing important, we got rejected by a 10 year old, and chased by a cloud of these crazy huge bugs.

So this country is really fun. We had a power outage in the middle of our writing, and we don´t get a ton of time to do anything cause of the stupid ciesta and the freakin heat. We've been a little on edge with Argentina these days. Especially on p-day, we look forward to it so much cause we get to write and hear from everyone, but it ends up being so stressful cause EVERYONE IS CLOSED FROM 1-6! This would never happen in the states.

Well, I wany to tell Aunt Laura, Aunt Karol, Shelby Jorgensen, Taner Spalding, and Trevor Carter a Happy Birthday. 

Love you all and I´ll have to tell ya´ll more about what´s going on later. Keep Safe, pretty please.

I´m excited to hear from you all again next week. 
Love Hermana A. Johansen

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