Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

So I get to talk to you all tomorrow :) and I get to email for a little bit today!! Surprise to me!!

I got my package yesterday. I could've gotten it on my Birthday, but I´m not going to say much about that, poor Hermana Healey would feel so bad. None the less I´m going to open it tomorrow. I've waited this long I can wait till tomorrow. 

News about transfers! I´m still in Bella Vista but I am in Bella Vista 1 instead of 2. Hermana Amanda Allred from SLC is my comp and we are HLCs together. Hermana Healey took over my old area and is working with Hermana Peterson from Twin Falls Idaho and has served in Washington waiting for her Visa for six months. Hermana Lund is over in Reconquista and I highly doubt that I spelled her area right but she is now working as an HLC with Hermana Gimenez de Buenos Aires. We worked in a trio Hermana Allred, Healey and I form Thursday until yesterday.It´s been fun, it´s been really hot, and we´re in the coldest spot in our mission. It´s supposed to be up to 105 on Sunday, and the Air in the apt wasn't working. Turns out all we needed to do was clean the filter. So I did that and we all froze :) I couldn't be happier. 

The Christmas party was a blast and you will never guess who I saw! First off I met someone who knows Steven! Her name´s Hermana Fullmer. She lived in Creek Side, was in his ward and is studying to be a kindergarten teacher. She´s shorter than me and has very pretty red hair and light coloured eyes. She said she talked to him once and he didn't remember who she was, so don´t sweat it if you don´t recognize her description. I told her that he still probably thought she was a sweet girl. SECOND!! I FOUND ELDER COATS!! Actually he came and found me, which was interesting, but I guess when you have four days in a foreign country you´d be happy to see almost anyone form high school. He looks so very different! He´s doing well though and has a good trainer and will be working in Saenz Peña, Chaco which is where my old comp Hna Hernandez is working still as an HLC. 

I really don´t remember much of what happened much this last week. We were working in both areas and I was learning new streets and meeting new faces. I met our investigator Van...... and her family, they have a really interesting story. The Hermanas prayed that day to find someone who needed the Gospel ¨That day¨ and they met them. Turns out that day a friend of theirs had died. But they've come a long way and want to change so much. Van...... has even full out quit smoking. Their family´s cute and I´m excited to work with them.

I love this time of year even though it´s hard to tell that it´s Christmas. Estamos buscando por milagros. I know this gospel is true and was established by Christ himself, and that he was born for a reason, and that reason is us. I will be forever grateful and never be able to fully express how grateful I am for Him and all he´s done for us. 

Love you all! Take care and keep safe. Go play in the snow for me!

Merry Christmas!
Hermana A. Johansen

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