Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vamos hacer la cosa! . . . mañana!

So story goes as follows. Argentina has ridiculous holidays and they
all just happen to pop up on Mondays when we need to write and then
everything is closed and we don´t get to, it nearly killed us

Anyway. Consejo changed to today and I get to write while waiting for
the bus to go back to Bella Vista. But the meeting changed because
Pres. Heyman was invited to go fishing with the stake pres of
Resistencia. I don´t blame him, fishing´s fun, the stake pres is a
rather fine fellow and it´s President Heyman's birthday today so he can do
what ever he wants :) I told him about the cousin of ours that served
with his son, and justo he´s going to talk to him tonight to see if
they know each other. AND are we related to a Kent Johansen from Provo?
President said that he knows him and said that he was distantly related to
me. He´s a Johansen so surprise surprise.

Alright so this week was ridiculous, and all four of us have never
been more insulted more often or more deeply in our lives. The rama
has been going crazy this week and they all think their drowning in
their life jackets cause their chins are getting wet. I´ll have to give
more descriptions on this when I get home, but some people need to
grow up and realize that this work is bigger than them, they need to
make a good place for our investigators to go especially since it´s
their rama and we won´t be there forever. There are still some very
good people here who help us out very much, but recovery work is never
fun. But things with the Flia Malagas is amazing. Beti delt with the
drama on Sunday in a way that was so amazing, we had a lesson with her
about the atonement and it seemed like the drama in Relief society
didn't even faze her. I don´t know exactly what happened in that
class cause Hermana Lund and I are all in Primary, so we´re in the most
protected area of the rama! It´s the best! Cat.... and Loo.... are
prepping for baptism on the 7th of Diciembre, and what better way to
remember Pearl Harbor than to have a baptism to remember the love of
our Savior.

Grandma Lee! We met a guy from Africa! He lives in our area and is
here for work. We met him looking for a less active member. It was the
coolest thing to know, always is when you run into someone not from
Argentina, and you know that the only way you have to communicate is in
a language that you´re both learning. But it was amazing and I thought
of you. I've seen him around and have made it my personal goal to meet
this guy cause he really is so different from everyone else here, and
when you see someone who is different, they really do look different
and you have to ask where their from. Speaking of, and I forgot to
write about this a couple weeks ago, we had a Palestinian in the
Elder´s area who said that he needed four lessons left until Baptism.
We had to ask President. about it, and he said that due to possible safety
issues they couldn't teach him, but it was really cool cause him and
his girlfriend came to Noche de Rama. It was really funny cause the
Elders found out he lived on a street that was in all of our areas and
narrowed it down to the two streets and it was the boundary of the
other sisters and the Elders. They were SO competitive over who´s area
he was in because it was to be decided by the street he lived on.

Well. I love you all! So excited to talk to you in less than a month.
And crazy thought!!! -Cumplé 9 MESES MAÑANA!

Until next week!
Hermana A. Johansen

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