Monday, November 18, 2013

This week was soooooo fast!!!

This week went by so fast I had to really think hard to try to remember what there was to tell you. there have been some pretty dandy milagros going on here.
First off; The Familia Malagas: mom and dad, Ya.... (15) Se.... (14) Lo..... AKA Luna (12) Cat (9) Ma.. (5) La.. (2) and Bri... (2 meses). Last Sunday, to clarify we walked 30 minutes to go to get them and they were waiting outside their house to walk to the church with us. It´s a 45 minute walk from Barrio Epan to the church. This week they all came again ¡by themselves! and Ya.... and Se... actually came inside this time. Cool thing that happened though was on Wednesday they came to Noche de Rama (our branch´s spin on family night) We had a lesson with them that day, invited them, they weren't sure if they could make it AND THEY ALL CAME! Surprised us like none other but they made it! But funny story, the 5 year old Ma...kind of likes me. He´s a cute little trouble maker. He ran up to me on Wednesday night surprised me with a hug and later held my hand for two seconds and is trying to remember my name. He´s gotten better at understanding the limits and good thing is he minds me when I tell him it´s time to pray, be reverent, or to sing in Sacrament meeting. La. is so cute too, she just looks at you and steals your heart. Be.. would be so baptized next Saturday if only she were married! and if her man wasn't so Catholic! he helps bring then to church which is a blessing for sure for Cat......

We´re to the point of counting down until Christmas. We all forget what month it really is until we pass a store full of Christmas stuff. We found one that is adorable and feels like America. It´s interesting to think of how much God loves me and has sent me down here in a time when I will only miss snow and deal with intense heat once.

We have been looking for service projects and begging our members to let us help with things all the time! They keep telling us that we can´t do things cause we´re sisters. We just tell them that we can do more than they think we can, just let us go get our pants! We haven´t given up, but we have been looking more for small ways to serve people. 

Next Monday I have consejo de los lideres and so I´ll be writing on Tuesday, but I will most likely be printing off on Monday before we head back to Bella Vista.

Love you all!! Stay safe, talk to ya next week.
Hermana A. Johansen

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