Monday, November 4, 2013

This week in Argentina.....

I love the halloween pictures! Mom, the pumpkin picture was ridiculous,  I didn't know if I should be shocked or laugh so I choose both. WOW! A friend of mine did something really gnarly as a zombie with a zipper on his face. Dad we should try it next year, it should be fun.

The rama drama is just what happens when the branch is still very young and family pride gets in the way of the Lord's work and people have issues with the leaders. I won't go into detail because it's too much and I don't have that kind of time. It makes a tough environment to bring investigators into. El..... couldn't come to church yesterday, she went to el Campo with her family and left before church started. We set a fecha in the primera charla and she has a date for the 16 de Novembre.

Pa...´s doing well, and she really wants to come to church, but she has a tough time because she could have her baby any day now and it´s really difficult to travel. We also found out that she is not married and she can´t read either. We´re still looking for a bed.
We discovered that Argentina has FIREFLIES! We also had the craziest rainstorm on Friday, it was like I took a shower with my clothes on! 
If we saw any miracles they were all little. Our less active, Li..... came to church by herself this week! 
Oh!! and my planner got murdered from the rain storm too. 

We had our first service project!! Vicki was trying to put a fan together and was having a hard time, so she let us help her put it together.
The branch is having a Family Night every week and so we have a constant activity. We were all talking about Halloween and the Elders got us candy and had us ¨dulce o trico.¨
The Prez is great and the elders are wonderful!


love you always

Hermana A. Johansen

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