Tuesday, January 21, 2014


GUESS WHO´S GETTING BAPTIZED!!! Yup, Lic...., Van.... and Luc...! They made it to church on Sunday, and they loved it. Sadly they had to leave early and Luc... was so sad that she couldn't stay for Mujeres Jovenes(YW). They have changed so much and they are simply amazing! We had to talk to Presidente. Heyman to get permission for them but when we told him our reasons for why we felt they should be baptized all he did was look at us and say ¨Baptize ém¨ We are so happy right now. 

The meeting yesterday was great, and Hermana Allred and I get to teach in Zone Conference today. I got to see Hermana Lund, Quick, Hernandez, Ashby, Elder Leon and all them and Presidente, and Hermana Heyman. We also learned a ton of good things which is always nice, but it´s oddly amazing to see all sorts of people you love. We went to see if they had any of our packages ready for us to take home, and there was nothing there. They´re still at the post office. There was so much that came in for Christmas that they´re having a hard time keeping up with everything, it doesn't help that their slow and take their sweet time doing things like this anyway. 

My interview with Presidente Heyman went well, it was surprisingly short, but it´s nice to know that he trusts me enough that he doesn't have to worry about me (much), it surprised everyone how short it was, they all thought something was wrong, nope it's all good. What happens, happens and he seemed happy with me. I love interviews, they´re so nerve wracking before and amazing during and after. 

 I´m excited to be able to take my own pictures at the baptism. It will be nice to have a camera again. 

I am so happy you all had a wonderful week! I wish I could comment on all that I've heard, and I would if I had the time and the fast fingers to do so.

I have one thing to say right now . . . . . It is SO HOT HERE! and it´s not even the hottest part of the mission! If I get sent to Formosa I will die. The end. It´s about 90-100 degrees everyday. We pray constantly for rain or at least for the skies to be over cast. I've never been so happy not to see blue skies and no sun before in my life.

I love being a missionary! I know this Gospel is true, that the Book of Mormon is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, and most importantly that our Savior lives and loves silly sweaty little people like me and all the rest of us in Argentina and of course everyone else as well :) 

Mom, I have been thinking about that talk, and I´ll get it to ya on time, well I will do my best. I hope ya´ll have a wonderful week and have more stories to tell me.

Love you all!

Hermana A Johansen

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