Sunday, January 19, 2014

¡¡Hola mi querido Familia!!

¡¡Hola mi querido Familia!!

I´m glad to know that everything´s going well at home. Sorry about the pictures not working out. If I have time today I´ll try to do something about that. 

As for this week we had interviews with Pte. Heyman today and he told us all about our new Pte. and his wife. They seem really amazing, and I´m excited to be able to work with them when that time comes around. My interview was really short. Everyone was shocked about how fast it was, they ended up asking what was up. But it felt good, like really that was all that was needed. He asked me how I was feeling, shared a little about the Book of Mormon and had me share my testimony about it with him. Then, I don´t know entierly why, but I told him about the story of Mike and Marci and how I decided to be a missionary. And then we were done. The end. See ya at Consejo next monday. By the way I have consejo next Monday.  I love having our interviews with President Heyman. Hermana Allred and I talk a ton about how much we love President and Hermana Heyman.

Van.... and Lic... and the family didn´t come to church this week. Vane got an insane head ache and had to run to the hospital to get it checked on. They´re coming for sure the next few saturdays cause we told them that to be able to be baptized all together like they want as a family they have to come si o si. We have a lesson with them today, and we´re watching the Joseph Smith movie with them. 

Yesterday was also Hermana Allred´s birthday! That was tons of fun. We coloured all day in Primary in her honor, and I was totally fine with that. 

Spreaking of:

Que los cumplas feliz! Que los cumplas feliz! Que los cumplas SABRINA!!! Que los cumplas Feliz!!! 

sorry if I spelled that wrong, chances are that I did, but it doesn´t matter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA! Love ya.

Love you all too! Thanks for the pictures, and the emails. they´re the best. And I´m glad everyone´s happy. Have fun with your new fishing boat dad! Mom I´ll work on that talk. Have the best week of your entire lives! We have reason to rejoice, we know the truth, and we should be happy about it. Help others want to know Christ because they know you.

Hermana A Johansen

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