Tuesday, January 28, 2014


WE ARE SO HAPPY THIS WEEK!!! Van.., Lic... and Luc.. were successfully baptized and confirmed this weekend. Just before transfers which is perfect. We love them so much. They had a perfect baptism and their spirits were so excited just like they should be! We would make eye contact with them all day, especially Lucy. They've been saying all week ¨Why can´t it be Saturday already??¨ ¨I want to be baptized today.¨ and Lucy says that she wants to be a missionary. We gave them some Futura Misionera name tags and I had to change it a bit for Benj.., but it worked. 

We have transfers this coming week and We´re a little nervous. We work well together and we´re comfortable with what we've got here and that's always when the changes happen. 

We had a great Zone Conference. Hermana Allred and I just talked about Hermana. Heyman´s capacitacion about Unity in a companionship. Of course while we were there the Zone Leaders were talking to us and the DLs about what we think will happen for Translados. They all think Hermana Allred is going to leave me. We hope that´s not true, but we´ll see what happens. 

I keep trying to think of what else happened this week but with the baptism, Resistencia, and Goya there´s not much else that happens. Tons of Spiritual highs from the investigators, stress about making sure the members have everything ready, and a super fast week. It rained FINALLY! and it´s been a very cloudy weekend and we couldn't be happier. There have been no stresses about power outages while writing this time. :)

Cool thing that happened. We went to our convert´s house yesterday to talk about the roles of our Heavenly Father, our Savior, and the Holy Ghost. Lic... was a little confused at first, but she got it in the end and what she wasn't sure about she had the faith to just trust it. She told us that she trusts us enough that if we told her anything she would believe us. It´s so worth being a missionary! I love it. 

I would write a scripture right now but ya know, ya´ll should just read Enos. It´s one of my favorites and changes lives, and has helped Lic... to know that she can believe in God without having to see him. So that´s your Homework, kids. Enos. :) Read it. 

RILEY!! I´m so proud of you! way to choose to be Baptized! There´s nothing more amazing you can do than to follow the example of our Savior. ¿Sabe qué? Your being baptized three days before my dad´s birthday and 5 days before my year mark on my mission! How cool is that? I was baptized on January 2002 at the Church across the street from my house. My dad baptized me, and the water was warm. The family was there, I´m sorry I can´t be there for yours, but I hope you know I would be if I could. I love you, and am so proud of you. :)

I´m glad you all had a good week! and Dad I´m glad you´re on the road to feeling better with your shoulder.

¡Les Amo!
Hermana A Johansen

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