Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What happened this week??? Is an inspired question if there ever was one....

First off, I hope ya´ll are plenty happy. I just finished sending a plethora of photos home, and it eats up a ton of email time. 

Alright this week we had Leadership Conference, Zone Conference, and divisiones again, so it was a long and short week at the same time. But I´ll tell ya what! Working with Hermana Stone is pretty fantastic. We found someone new in almost all of the lessons we had we found someone new to teach. We've been working a ton with Vane´s family trying to get their brother into the water. We´re thinking that Pali´s gonna need his mom here to help him not be embarrassed while we´re teaching him. I think he´d be really comfortable with the elders, he´s a little shy with us, kinda always has been. So . . . guy friends of mine, if you have any tips on how to help a 15 year old boy feel comfortable with the Sister Missionaries feel free to let us know. It´ll be great, he´ll be all over it in his own time. Vane tells us that he really does want to be baptized, he´ll flip through the pamphlets and pray with them, so we´ll just have to see how this works out. We´re talking with a few of his friends too. 

I finally got some shoes for when Presidente. Heyman's around! I got really tired of having to hide my feet cause I don´t have shoe polish and I've almost worn them clear through. They´re cute, and you can REALLY see my sister missionary lines on my feet, that should be tons of fun. 

I hope things on Sunday went alright! Thanks for sharing your talk with me mom, I think I finally figured out why I love the 2000 stripling warriors story so much. What´s funny is it got me to think about where you were and where I am at the time of life that I´m at. You would've been married for a year and Steven would be there with you and dad, and here I am on a mission. Totally different, but so similar at the same time. I´m no mom right now but I know that what I´m doing now will help me do what the Lord wants me to do all the better when that time comes. 

I hope everyone´s doing alright and that you´re all healthy and safe. Keep up the good work! Riley I hope you´re super excited for your baptism! I´m really excited for you. SARAH ALLAN! Happy 20th BIRTHDAY! I love you and miss your face!. Thanks for the letter, and I can´t wait to hear form you again. I hope that friend of yours that you have a mutual agreement with helped you have a fantastic day. I´m not sure why, but your birthday was really hard for me to miss, it surprised me how much I missed being there for ya. I´ll be there for sure next year.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Love you all, Keep on keeping on, and share the gospel a little.

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