Monday, February 17, 2014

This is what happened this week :)

Ashton is such a Stud!! Thanks for sending the pictures! Dad´s scar is gnarly, thanks for that too.

So basically Hermana Stone is amazing and she does everything that Presidente Heyman says to do. She's very patient with me, it´s not like I don´t apply what he teaches us, I´m just Human and can´t figure it out sometimes, but ya know, I do what I can. We've been working more this week with inspired questions. I really feel like I´m back in Mr. Cox´s journalism class. There really is a ton of work that goes into a question that makes someone think, build a relationship with Christ and give more than a single worded answer. We´ve also been practicing a ton more. It´s helped, and now we´re more confidant in what we teach. 

We also had Zone conference this last week, which was amazing. The Zone leaders called us and said that we wanted to match as a zone, and we had planned on it anyway, but to wear pink for valentines day, and the boys wanted green for who knows why. Turns out most of us had more of a navy blue, so we chose that instead. Hermana Heyman seemed to have gotten the vibe and matched us. 
Hermana Stone and Johansen

Crazy story. We went out to work the other day (weird I know!) and the sky seemed rather clear just a few clouds, and so we left with out our umbrellas. Next thing we know this wall of crazy looking thunderstorm clouds comes running across the sky, the winds blowing really hard, and we´re starting to get wet. We stop under a tree, sort of , to put our books in bags so they don´t get destroyed , and the next thing we know the power lines start exploding! We got out of there so fast, but not fast enough to escape the rain. We had to go under a Kiosco to attempt to stay a little bit dry. There´s an adventure for you for the week. :) What are some of yours?

Hermana Stone shared a scripture with me this week that I really liked. It´s in D&C 45:62. It´s amazing and made my day.

Hermanas Johansen, Lund, Allred, Healey: Our first leadership conference all together.

I love you all and hope you are all having a wonderful week and will make a huge difference in someone´s lives in the week to come by sharing your testimonies by word and most of all by deed.

Congrats on  your Baptism Riley! Love ya, babe! 

Love you all. Be good! and Keep safe! Can´t wait to hear form you again next week. 

Rio Paraná


Love , Hermana A Johansen

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