Sunday, March 9, 2014


VANE IS IN THE PRIMARY!!! She got her call this Sunday and is so excited to be the 1st counselor. She´s already got all these cute little ideas and wants to learn so much more now so she can be a good teacher. Benja and Avril are for sure coming to primary every week now. She had her interview the Saturday night before and she was so nervous (like we all are when we´re called in to talk to the bishop/branch pres. and we think we´re in trouble) and I knew what was going on. She kept asking me what was up and I wouldn´t say anymore than ¨You´ll be ok, I promise :) you´re gonna love it¨  I bet you can imagine how much fun I had with that one! She´s going to do SO GREAT!!

RILEY!! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you! We have situations similar to yours every once in a while here, but I´d have to say, your story is a one of a kind, and very amazing. When you´ve got your own little ones or if you choose to serve a mission your story and testimony will be able to help many people who want to be baptized as well. I´m so glad your Sister Missionaries got to come and see you be baptized!  I don´t know if anyone remembers my girls Luna and Caterina and their amazing Mom Beti. But their 15 year old sister Yamila has chosen to be baptized, and when we first found them she didn´t want anything to do with ANY religion. This last Noche De Rama she told me herself about her decision. Hopefully we can get some of our investigators to come so I can see her get baptized, I also got transferred, but lucky for me I´m in the same City.

This morning I was reading in Mosiah 7 where it talks about how a group of the Nephites are help captive by the Lamanites and a group of 16 Nephites have come to find them, they´re all happy and say that they would gladly be slaves to the Nephtes because it would be so much better than what they´re living with now. I switched a few words in for others when I read it and it meat a lot more to me. But it goes like this: ¨It is better to be slaves of (Christ) than pay tax to (Satan).¨ it made a lot of sense to me that really it´s so much better to be indebted to our Savior than it EVER would be to pay Satan for the mistakes we make in our lives and to suffer under his heavy tax. We all know that the yoke of the Savior is easy and his burden is light. Be smart, Choose the right. :)

Man, I swear there was something else I wanted to tell ya´ll. We had a good week.
 I´m glad you´ve all had such wonderful adventures! I wanna go to Oregon! I love that place.

I love you all! and hope you´re doing well. Stay strong, and Keep safe.
Hermana A. Johansen

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