Monday, March 10, 2014

2 weeks in 1.....

I love the pictures! Thank you! The hat shop looks like it was tons of fun, and I´m supper jealous, I love Oregon! Have we sat in the same spot every time? I´m glad Dad had a good birthday, and that you got my letter on time. That made me so happy to hear. We sang on your birthday and ate ice cream to celebrate. I thought about you all day, and kicked my foot so many times for not saying anything about it last week, but I'm saying something now and that´s all that matters. I´m really really happy that you got my letter and were able to open it on your birthday. I love you, Dad! You can have your birthday hug when I get home.

So this week has been kinda fun. We've had branch counsel scheduled a few times and had to cancel it, and no one came to Noche de Rama and for us that means an hour of our work time is gone, yup so that was fun. We got things figured out. 

On the bright side of things . . . Yamila Got BAPTIZED!! She´s the 15 year old that didn't want ANYTHING to do with ANY religion, and Beti said that we all thought that she was probably going to be the last one to be baptized and turns out she beat Selene to it instead. Selene would've been baptized this week too, but no one knew why until she told Hermana Tabarez that the only reason she didn't want to be was because she hates pictures, so during her baptism we just wont take pictures easy solution :) 
I love this family so much, and I don´t want to leave Bella Vista cause that would mean that I don´t get to see them every Sunday at church, that was a close one when I got transferred last time. Caterina comes up to me every Sunday, gives me the biggest hug and a look that breaks your heart and tells me that she wants me to come to her house to visit, and doesn't understand that I cant.
 Hermana Petersen told me the other day that Beti will comment about Hermana. Lund and I all the time in Sunday school. Viki asked about a spiritual experience that she has and she told them all about the first time that she ever talked to Hermana Lund and I. I was so ready to cry I was so happy. I respect and love this woman, and so many missionaries are going to cry and rejoice when she is finally baptized. I remember making the decision to go down their street and the moment we found them, and I pray with everything I have that she will be able to make that covenant with God like she wants to. Someday, and I promise that when it happens I´m going to cry so hard.

Em . . . . What else is there! I go through this every week, I know there is something else that I wanted to tell you, and I´ll think of it when I leave. I just know it. Oh well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KILEY B.!!  Love you tons, and hope you have a fantastic day.

JUSTIN!!!!!! I can´t believe you´re leaving me for so long! Three and a half years! that´s what we get for serving missions, eh? That´s so cool! You´ll be able to talk to Uncle Neal in secretive terms. CONGRATS!! Man, I won´t be able to recognize you at all! I´m so excited for you.

Sabrina! I keep forgetting how old you are. you´re still fourteen to me. Junior prom already? I read that and said, Isn´t she still a sophomore?¨ shows what I know. You´re adorable! Lucky you. You all look so good, and I can´t wait for Kevin´s! I´ll be there for sure.

Marci, when is little man coming? I get pictures right? Can I hold him when I get home? he´s going to be so big! Him and Ashton are going to be so old by the time I get home. Well, 6-5 months old isn't all that old. Good luck! Stay healthy! Love you! You´re a cute little mom! (I don´t think I got the video, I may have to watch it when I get home) have a wonderful time in Cali! 

As for the work this week. Everyone has been saying that I am leaving Bella Vista this next week for transfers.

Celeste moved yesterday! We were so bummed! We went to go visit her at her cousin Marisa's house where she's been living for the past two months and turns out that she moved early that morning. She moved into the Elder´s area, so that was some good news. Broke our hearts, and we had no idea. She drew us a picture to tell us goodbye and we thought that someone must have told her about transfers. Nope! She was moving.

I´ll let you know what else happens next Monday. I´ll tell Viki hi for you in a note if I get transferred.

I Got the letters from Thanksgiving this last Tuesday! I love them all, the pictures are great, and I show everyone the letter Dad wrote me.

I have actually told you the things I forget to tell, I usually remember and say them the next week. No worries mom. :)

Tell everyone "HI" and that I love them.
Love you, chow!   

Hermana A Johansen

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