Monday, March 31, 2014

this week was . . . . fun :) .....and a little bit of water . . .

Alright . . . here we go, my fingers are going to have to be on fire for this week. My letter to President Heyman was longer than usual and I´ll be a little short on time. And the internet here is really slow so I´m gonna have to send the pictures next week. Sound good? Hope so, cause that´s what´s got to happen sorry :) Don´t worry, still love ya. 

So . . . where to start.
We had exchanges this week, like we will every week so that makes everything fly a lot faster. but what really makes a week fly is a baptism and every missionary knows it! I´d swear this has been the most complex baptism I've ever put together on the mission. There were so many obstacles! First off we didn't know how many times he´s been to church, he couldn't make it to church cause they didn't have money for the bus, had to call pres for permission, later we find out that he had enough after postponing it for a week, we got everything set up for an interview at a church activity with the Elders, last minute they couldn't go and the Elders had to come to their house on the other side of the world, he passed the interview (being the amazing little ten year old he is he was so nervous and asked Elder Santana if he missed one of the questions meant that he couldn't be baptized, and we´d already gone over them so many times and he blew us away) Later for his BAPTISM we went to their house to go get them at 4:30 to go to his baptism at 6:00. It had rained all day and there was a ton of mud, but one can get through it all in boots and there are paved roads here, so they´d be fine. His mom who is a member said that it looked too bad that they probably shouldn't go . . . . yeah not gonna fly with us. THEN we had to convince his dad, who was drunk at the time, why we were there and to let his son go be baptized, after UN MEDIO HORA he let us go to the baptism, but we still had to wait for the family to get ready to go. Joaquin was all ready to go. We took the bus and the baptism went well, but we didn't feel like we should have after a baptism which left us wondering if it was the right decision. SUNDAY for his CONFIRMACIÓN. We go to the house to get them and no one was there. Joaquin wasn't confirmed in sacrament meeting. Later that day we talked to the ZLs about it, we had no idea what to do, so they thought up a plan with the Assistants to have the bishop go to his house and confirm him there. We called the Bishop to see what he thought and he thought it´d be best to have him be confirmed Sunday before conference. The elders thought of something else . . . Have it that day at the church. We ran to Joaquin´s house, they weren't home, we ran into his mom outside, she told us why they weren't at church, she couldn't go with us to the church to have her son be confirmed cause her baby was sick, so we took his older sister with us. After soooo many phone calls, running back and forth everything worked out. His confirmación was one of the most amazing moments on the mission for me. Everything I was supposed to feel after his baptism hit me like a ton of bricks plus some in this little meeting where our little 10 yr old Joaquin received the Holy Ghost and became a member of the church. I learned a ton from this, and have been so humbled it´s crazy.

so that was my week :)

Aston is such a beautiful boy! Congrats!

Love you all and I´ll talk to ya next week. :)


Hermama A. Johansen

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