Monday, April 29, 2013

Howdy !!!!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the letters Riley, Jude, Laura, Parker, and Michelle! It made my day to be able to hear form you all! I am loving my mission, and am so happy so many of you want to go on missions, you have no idea how happy that makes me :) Riley, I would love to be your pen pal :D Jude, how's your gymnastics going? Michelle, I'm so excited to hear you play the piano! I'm glad you had fun with my family. Parker, haha I understand how school can be hard and fun at the same time :)  try to be a good kid at school. I'm proud of you, bud, that's wonderful that you've decided now to serve a mission when you've grown a foot or two, you'll be a fantastic Missionary!

KEVIN! and GRANDMA! and NEAL! and JUSTIN! and DEBBIE! and EVERYONE ELSE IN MAY AND APRIL! Happy Birthday!! Love you all!

I wish I could tell you all about the people I get to meet, teach and serve with! That's crazy that Bro. Boothe knows Pres. Vellinga! Pres. is the best! He loves this work, you can see it so clearly in his eyes. Cool thing is that I've had the opportunity to serve at sites in Kirtland (N. K. Whitney Store and Home) but I get to do something else that's amazing as well. Because I'm a visa waiter, Pres wants me in the area as much as possible, so I get to go on exchanges almost every other day. Which I see as such a blessing. There are so many people in the Cleveland mission that I wouldn't be able to meet if I didn't get to be out so much, and sisters that I wouldn't have been able to teach with or learn as much from other wise. 

All of the sisters are so good at realizing that I'm supposed to be a Spanish speaking Sister, and they try to utilize my 'talent' and attempt to help me grow as much as they possibly can. I am so grateful for it! I've had the chance to meet and relate to more families than I have ever before. But in our area, this is so cool, Sisters Palmer, Stodard and I have return appointments with a beautiful family of 11!! and and family of 3!! The husbands of the families were the ones to meet with the sisters before and said that we could come back the first time :D In the family of three their daughter is really looking for a stable religion, and her mom thought it'd be a good idea for her to meet with us :) We're meeting with them this coming Thursday. 

You know what else is SO COOL! :D I had no idea that I would be able to find ways to involve my art in my work as a missionary, but God gives us talents for a reason, and when you're in His service, he will utilize them. :) I've been relating to investigators, members, and less actives through my doodles in my planner and my love for art and culture itself! What's really fun is to relate what I love to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expose them to something even more wonderful at the same time. 

Laura H, I'll get a letter written to you soon :) no worries. 
Sarah A. I have more stuff to draw in that little journal. Did it get to you since I sent it back from the MTC? 

Hope all is well with all of you! 

Hermana Johansen

       Hermana Johansen with President and Sister Vellinga

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