Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Howdy from the MTC still!

Howdy From the MTC still!

So we saw the Consulate yesterday! We are a step closer to getting to Argentina! :D !!Estoy es moy animado!! He seemed pretty happy to be there, and was very kind to us. Oh buddy was it a great adventure! Finally got to get off campus for the first time in six weeks! I love Salt Lake a ton right now, we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building to get the visas going. All of the people going to Argentina went with me. We get to figure out where we're being transferred to tomorrow . . . I think. When I call home can I call the house phone so I can leave a message for everyone if I get missed?

Crazy fact about New Zealand! I met a Sister C. Joseph from New Zealand going to the Salt Lake Mission. She's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, just so happy. She's been trying to find someone who's going to my same mission so that she could get the address to send a letter to her best friend Elder Sufia, and she found ME! :D I knew I had the mission home address somewhere, I just needed to locate it. I found it before she left last night, so the world is happy, and hopefully it'll work out for her. Hello to everyone who reads this on the blog (especially Laura, and Marci cause I know you read this)!

Conference was awesome! Listen to it lots, read it lots, and get something out of it! It was so cool to be surrounded by missionaries during conference. When ever they mentioned missionary work some people cheered, and when something awesome there was a wave of clicking!

So the personal study highlight for this week was the story of Queen Lamoni. When I read it I was struck with the insane amount of her faith, and the hope that she had that what Amon had told her was true. And she stayed by her husbands side until the time that Amon said that he would wake, and when he did he expressed his love for God, and how much he loved her. Everyone goes crazy about other love stories in the scriptures, and misses the wonderful love story in the conversion of King and Queen Lamoni. SO COOL!
Sorry I don't have much time. Marci, thanks for the letter! Caden, if you read this stuff by chance, Welcome Home!! You're all awesome.

Love ya'll!

Hermana A. Johansen

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