Saturday, April 13, 2013

Temporary assignment....

As it goes, there are some times that the signing of a visa is delayed for what ever reason. This results in our missionaries not being able to depart for their assigned mission on their expected departure date. Some missionaries only need to wait an extra day and then depart for their mission and others an unknown length of time. Hermana (Sister) Johansen's departure day was April 9th. Instead of getting on the plane she got into a van with other missionaries assigned to serve in Argentina to visit with the consulate in Salt Lake City. As you can read in her previous letter it was a positive experience but the visas were not signed on that day leaving the question of where she will be assigned to while she waits for her visa. Her new assignment is the Ohio, Cleveland Spanish speaking mission. She leaves early Monday morning and will serve the Lord there until her visa is signed which could be up to two weeks. If by chance it is signed earlier she will leave for Argentina at that time. Hermana Johansen is in great spirits and knows that where she goes is where the Lord wants her to be and accepts this adjustment with excitement.

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