Sunday, May 18, 2014

Skype on Mothers day.....

HEY!! It was good to talk to all of you yesterday! We were all on a mother´s day hi for forever after. I feel like I've been revived for another good four months. 

I saw the picture of Kevin´s mask, GOOD JOB KID!! I wanna make one.  When I get back I´m going to be drawing so much! There is no time here! I doodle a little bit in Sunday school in my planner . 

This week has been a lot better! We actually found people! We´re happier, and the last two weeks have actually helped us grow closer as a companionship, district and a zone. When you´re at what seems to be the lowest of lows the gospel is what really picks you up. Apply the principles and they help you out of what ever rut you´re in. I think when you´re always teaching people about the gospel you´re put through trials a lot of the time just so you know that what you´re teaching really works.

Sofia ´Fe´ is so cute!! she looks just like Brit and her eyes are HUGE! I love that picture, it´s adorable. Lexi's 8! Oh my goodness! She´s so big! and another baptism in the family that I´m missing, it´s alright, I´ll be there for other things. Joel´s a babe ;)

I´m glad ya´ll had a wonderful mother´s day! and I can´t wait . . . well I can . . . rephrase . . . I´m very patiently excited to talk to all of you again!

Love you! and I´ll talk to you again next week with pictures.

Hermana. Amanda Johansen (the original :)

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