Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day :)

Happy Mothers Day, Mom :) 

There's not much more to tell since I got to tell you all about my life yesterday! . . . Well there's more to it that I am capable to tell, there's a lot that I write in my journal that I don't remember if I've told you or not, ya know?

I feel like I've been out here long enough that it's starting to feel like regular life, like I've always been doing this, and it hasn't even been a month in the area yet. 

We went to the Holden Arboredem today. It's basically a tree sanctuary, and they work in keeping up with the endangered species of trees and such. They have it landscaped to the point that it's still naturally placed, and so that every week of the year the blooming season of flowers and trees are shown to the fullest. It's a pretty snazzy place. Worth a visit for sure. We went with Sister Dixon form our branch, she's pretty cool and a major Dr. Who fan, she just gives me the giggles.

I told you I'd let you know a little bit about Maryanna. She is the greatest! She's super funny and is always willing to come to lessons with us. She does so much as you have realized the past week to help us out. She has one of those personalities that if there's something to be said she'll say it in such a way that you'll fix it and still feel good about yourself. She's just that cool, and is not afraid to be herself. She tells her stories and two bits in such individualized ways that I want her to write to me later just so I can try to put her voice to it. We love our Maryanna. 

I love emails and knowing what everyone is doing. I am sorry there isn't enough time to reply to every one individually. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Work hard, play harder! Never tire of doing good!
Love all of you!

Hermana Johansen

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