Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm emailing on an IPad today and that's really throwing me off. Anyway it's transfer week!!! I'm staying in Chardon and so is Sisters Jones and Stoddard. The other two are leaving us. Out district is changing and I to breaking my little heart. Our last district meeting with everyone was today, and half of us sang God be With you till We Meet Again in Spanish. Sister Christensen is leaving me this week to go back to her home of the Isle of Man. I'm probably gonna cry sometime soon,I've done pretty good so far.

Our investigator Jennifer is doing great! Only issue is that she hasn't been reading, so we showed her the audio of the Book of Mormon on the church website and Mormon channel and such. She asked that we left the site up because she wanted to check it out. She also committed to a church tour in Friday and is wanting to come to church on Sunday, we are so excited!!

The only word that I've had so far on the visa is that they're still working on it.

Sabrina! Taylor!  Way to letter! Justin you rock! Way to be MVP. When I was on exchanges the other day in Painsville we went to teach a little Spanish family and the girl we were looking for wasn't there. So the sisters I was with had me do my language study there. Best part about it was that the little kids were o out playing and the four year old boy had the soccer ball and was teaching me how to play soccer and speak Spanish. So much fun.

Mom, Dad, Grandma's, Grandpa, and all other family and friends, I love you all and look forward to hearing from you. Be good ward missionaries, we need you more than you think. :)

Random fact of the week: Geauga County is the area that I'm in and Geauga is a form of Indian for raccoon. I wish you could see the wildlife here, you'd be blown away.

No regrets!
Hermana A. Johansen

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