Monday, June 3, 2013



Seems like you've all had an exciting week! Steven and Sabrina, congratulations on your jobs! Sabrina, you will never be able to make (or deal with) a bad sandwich again, once you know how to make a good one, you're basically set for life. Kevin, you're piano picture's very cute. HI, Grandmas! :)  We'll have to visit Park City for sure when I get back.

SO . . . I have a few stories to tell. It's pretty exciting. So this week we got a new Hermana, Sister Mertlich.  She's a sweet girl and a wonderful teacher. She's being trained by Sister Jones, who just finished being trained. I get to go on exchanges with them on Sundays when my comps are at the Sites. While we were out tracting we met a lady who had a doggy guard (you know the fences people have at the top of the stairs to keep their toddlers from falling? that's what it was) and I accidentally knocked it over . . . oops  . . . Sister Jones couldn't stop laughing while Hma. Mertlich and I attempted and failed to fix it. Then while Elder Wells called us for Key Indicators a bug flew down Hma. Jone's shirt and they couldn't find it until about 1.5 hours later after planning. This next part's the best. We were talking about different accents that we go into sometimes during different events of the day and we discussed the possibilities of tracting with accents. You'll never guess what they had me do, Steve. I tracked about five houses in the best Irish accent I could give. AND IT WORKED!! People would listen for about 10 seconds longer, and we got a return appointment with a JW!  We had a good time, it was fun. Now Hma. Mertlich knows why I love tracting, because there to get a door slammed in your face and still have fun. :)
And as for Jennifer ( our mom of 11 ) She's set up for a Church tour tomorrow. She was a little nervous about addressing her investigation with her family and finding time to discuss it with her husband. We prayed with her about it after our lesson and I invited her five year old to pray with us. He came in and laid down and we taught him the proper way to act during a prayer, and he was reverent the ENTIRE TIME! :D She loved that! She wants this for her family, what better thing can we do than to involve her family! Man we just love her so much and cannot wait for her to know what it is she has found. We went over the restoration with her again, and watched the restoration movie with her. She almost gave the movie back to us, and we told her that she could keep it. She liked that idea too!! She said that she watched it with her girls the other day when she texted us. We hope and pray every day that she's progressing by praying and reading. She's so honest! She almost canceled on us cause she didn't read the other day because she didn't read all week (thank heavens the sticky note I gave her was little and she lost our number so she couldn't call) and decided that instead of canceling she wanted to be honest and push forward to try again.

All is well in Kirtland, hope things are going well for everyone at home! I got to see the McClellan boys and Kenzy the other day! 
Aleen, if you read this, how are things going for you?? How are your papers, and the temple? I can't wait to hear from you. I pray for you and our friends often.

Kick butt at the Competition DAD :D LOVE YOU!!

Love you all!
Hermana A. Johansen

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