Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey everyone at home.....

Hey everyone at home!

There's a lot that's happened this week, and I can't remember a lot of it. I'm really happy I've been keeping a journal as often as I have time to. Half an hour to write about a day or two isn't a ton of time. Speaking of journals, I may have to send one home, it's nearly full.
I've been going on exchanges 4/7 days of the week due to crazy days in Kirtland due to tours and having Sister Training Leaders for Companions. Everyone lives on site which makes it so much easier and I only have to pack my bags once a week for a formal exchange. I've gotten to see so many miracles with the other sisters and have such a hard time keeping my days straight  I've gone with mostly Euclid South and Shaker Heights East and I'm pretty sure I went with Kirtland North on Wednesday.

Euclid South found I'm pretty sure 9 new investigators this week at least! We found two families equaling 8 in one day, and then four more the next day I got to go with them! One of the most impressive things I got to be there for was our investigator Taivon. We met him at the bus stop on the day when it was just me and Sister Poppleton. We scheduled a return appointment with him at the Bus Stop AND HE ACTUALLY CAME! :D He's such a cool kid and works so hard. He's very quiet, but what he does say is worth hearing. He listens too. When we had our lesson another guy joined us, (his name's Isaiah, Oh my big blue head that was awesome!) he had a considerably louder personality and took up quite a bit of attention, I'd look over to Taivon and he's following along and looking through the pamphlet, made us so happy! They're both good kids I'm excited to see what happens.

With Shaker Heights East the other day we had the craziest experience! We were out contacting and had just finished sharing the Book of Mormon with two girls on their bikes (which is an amazing story in itself) we ran into a man by the name of Shrop? I'm not 100% sure. We offered him a pass along card of Christ in the Americas and he said that he already had a card. We've never seen this guy before! We asked him how and he pulls out his wallet. He then takes out a Finding Faith in Christ pass along card out and tells us that he'd found it on the ground one day and felt like it was trying to tell him something so he picked it up and decided to hold onto it until he figured it out. Oh boy were we as excited as ever!! Unfortunately to our luck we had every card but that exact one! So we have him the card we'd initially planned to and got his contact info :)

This week in Chardon, guess who found an AMISH INVESTIGATOR! :D We have been ever so blessed to meet a man named Dan who is the head of the house hold and that's exactly who you want to be open to us if we want anything to happen! He told us that he's come closest to Christ through his mother, and we told him about some stories in the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he believed that Christ could come to the Americas and he didn't see why not! We asked him if we could come back, and he didn't see why not! :D He gave us a day to come back when his wife was home! You've got to have been to Middlefield to know how we felt! Haha Sister Stoddard even forgot our number she was so surprised. The Riches (one of our Senior couples) happened to be driving down the road after we left the porch and they were almost as amazed as we were, they loved seeing us be so excited.

I just love my mission, the end! 

Hermana Johansen

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