Monday, July 15, 2013

A rough week.....

Hola mi familia y amigos! :D

Man what can I say, this week was rough! But that is the way missions go and when it gets super tough I pull my cry once and get it over with card and move on. Hermana Torres is the best at accepting that missions are stressful  she should know, I am her last companion. She is simply the best and is so good at being personable and realizing the needs of those we teach.

We meet so many people! We have a couple investigators and we are so excited for them. We have a family that is progressing rapidly. We had family home evening with them last night and watched "Finding Faith in Christ". After that I was in charge of the activities . . . . . I could not think of a game or one that I could explain clearly. You will never guess what game I thought of first . . . oh girls camp what would I ever do with out you? I thought of the Oink/animal/car game. I had no clue how to explain them!! They got a good kick out of it from me trying to explain the oink game. I resorted to showing them tricks like how I can pretend to sew my lip, ya know? and tie their fingers together, little things like that.

We had three investigators and two less actives at church this week! :D We went on divisions to go get them Sunday morning and all of them that I went to go get came with me so cool! And they were all ready to go! Nothing better!

So I have a nifty little thing that helps to teach the 'Plan of Salvation' and show people that baptism is really only the beginning. I took a 13 articles of faith card that folds in half when it is in Spanish and a SLC Temple pass a long card, my families are eternal stickers from Marci and made a little picture booklet out of them showing what we believe, why and how we can be together forever. Eternal Perspective . . . I think so!

Man I love being a missionary  It is hard sometimes and difficult to keep your mind entirely focused especially when you do not understand everything, but that comes in time, and I am only a rookie. That is wonderful about Taylor and Colton. What happened to Colton to make him feel like his old self again? Was he sick? Haha Oh Taylor. There is not a ton of time to write all you would like to everyone. An hour goes by so fast.

Have fun with the reunion!! I call being assigned to the Chips! I am practically camping everyday. We have tile floors so not exactly camping but most of our streets are mud because of all the rain and such. I have killed some spiders but they are not huge. probably cause it is winter and I am not in Formosa. I am in the city of Resistencia serving in Barrio 3 (which is amazing in itself cause I never thought I would be serving in a ward. . . cool)

I will send pictures soon!

That is amazing that Grandma got to visit my Ohio!! OH MY KIRTLAND!

I love you all and hope you are having the best summer ever! Keep strong, be diligent  The Church is true, and guess what . . . . Our Savior lives!

Hermana A Johansen

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