Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 1 in Argentina.....

Hola mi familia y amigos!! ¿Que tal?

Oh where to start. At the beginning should work just fine don´t ya think?
I traveled for practically two days to get to Resistencia. The missionaries that we met in Buenos Aries that just came from their MTCs are awesome, we all became quick friends.
I honestly don´t think I can tell you where I am in relation to Resistencia, not because I wouldn't be allowed to, but because I don´t understand when towns change or when people say the names of places or people enough to distinguish it from any other word.
The weather here is very bipolar like Ohio, hot and sunny one moment then cold and rainy the next. My boots were the wrong kind for sure, so I got some boutas de agua. At least my other boots will be in good condition for when I get to go home.
I do believe this has been the hardest week of my mission so far simply because I can´t understand those we teach and when I try to say something my wonderful comp ends up saying everything over again cause they didn´t understand me very well. BUT! the Spirit is AMAZING! There have been moments when people have told me that my Spanish is very clear and they understood me! Ah! :D
My comp is the best! Hermana Torres is from Peru, and is very patient. She wants to learn English the best she can, sometimes that´s hard for me because I need to learn Spanish. We communicate well. She´s the same height as mom. I would send pictures, but I don´t have time today.

I´ve got to go. I love you all and will have to say more later. Keep safe! 

Thanks for the letters,

Hermana, A Johansen

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