Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Ohio! Hello......Argentina!

Hello family back home!

Yesterday was heartbreaking  I had to say goodbye to my Chardon branch and to my Sisters and Seniors at the Kirtland Sites. They've changed my life and I will be forever grateful for it. Saying goodbye to Sisters Neslen and Stoddard is going to kill me I'm pretty sure. If this is how I feel leaving Ohio after 2 1/2 months leaving Argentina is going to suck!! Oh well :) I am going to enjoy the journey.

This week the Sposito family that I had taught with Sisters Johnson and Smith GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! I was in Chardon and had to miss it. My little heart was broken. The Sisters came to my rescue and let me come teach them last night for the last time. They showed me the pictures of their baptism and I cried like a baby. Their home felt different! I had to keep reminding myself that they were actually members now and you could tell! I felt super legit too cause Randy's a cop and I got to fill out his Baptismal Record. They're a wonderful family.

We also had to say goodbye to Heidi in Chardon and her sweet girls, they said that she'd send me pictures of the baby when he comes and that whenever I come back to Ohio that I have a place visit for sure! Ha, I love their family so much. Also bid farewell to Perry's cute investigator Leandra. I'm so proud of her, she's making such amazing progress. Brother Lavin (whom we like to call Rabi because he used to be Jewish!) came up to me yesterday after Sacrament meeting to say good bye and told me "Somos amigos para siempre" I nearly cried! Our sweet Relief Society President cried when I left, she's so tender hearted, we love our Sister Gould.

Along with saying good bye we had dinner with an AMISH FAMILY!  I have a pen pal named Sarah. Kevin and Sabrina, I told her about you, she's 13 and loves to write to people. I told her that since I'll be harder to get a hold of that she's absolutely welcome to write to you too. I showed her your pictures and everything. There's something even more amazing, they knew the song "I am a child of God!" They have dinners for people who come to Ohio, and they'd previously hosted a few other senior couples who had taught them the song. We were going to sing it for them as a thank you and were entirely surprised! They were even mouthing the words to the song with us. I couldn't get a picture with our primary kids, so hopefully pictures of our Amish friends will work alright :)

I leave for Argentina today. Going to do some contacting in the Airport and such. I fly to Atlanta then on to Buenos Aires then up to Resistencia. This is going to be a very exciting couple weeks :)

 That's cool how you got to spend so much time with Astrid and people from Steven's mission. I got an announcement from the Chase family about Jordan, I'm so excited for him, this is so cool! Thank you for the pictures and the journal and the letters, I loved them so much!

Bueno suerte con todos!!
Hermana A. Johansen

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