Monday, October 14, 2013

So much to say so little time....again!!!

This week has gone by so very quickly and i don't get to write too much about it today cause we have limited time. The cibers were all closed today until 5 and p-day ends at 6! Thanks to holidays, yipi! yeah, I wasn't all too excited about it but, I knew I would live.

This week . . . hmmm . . . Guess who got to draw the image for our Zone t-shirt! Yup :) It´s been fun. I'll send pictures soon.

We're teaching an amazing lady named N...., We met her on exchanges with Hermana Healey asking what kind of crazy flower we found. We were going to have a lesson with L...., but she blew us off again, so we went to our back up. We went to her house earlier and her son told us to come back around 8 when she'd be home. SHE WAS WAITING FOR US! She met with the elders three years ago, and that didn't go much of anywhere. Since then her father has died and her husband has left her to raise 7 boys on her own. We taught her the plan of salvation and she asked us if we chose to share that with her or if it was just the lecture that we have prepared for everyone. We told her how we prepare every day especially for the people that we go to teach and that we had actually planned to teach her the restoration. Thank heavens I have an amazing companion who suggested to teach something else. I love teaching people and not lessons! 

We also had interviews with President and Hermana Heyman. I loved it.

Anyway, I´m staying healthy, safe and happy. I love hearing from you every week. Funny fact. The family of my Zone leader Elder Gallardo just moved to Nephi, we couldn't help but to laugh about that the other day.

I'm glad everyone´s doing well! Kevin! Way to go with Football Bud!!!! YIIJJAAA!!!! ( <-- to be said in Spanish) I am so excited to hear from Colton! I can only see him spazzing out in his little chair with excitement, I bet he did so well and made everyone cry! The primary sounds like you´re having a blast.   

Love you Family and friends. Will someone get a hold of Sarah for me and let her know that she can email me? Pretty please? 
OH AND WHEN IT SNOWS! please send me a picture, I won't get homesick :) I promise. 

Love you all!
Hermana A. Johansen

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