Monday, October 21, 2013

This week from my neck of the woods....more like my side of the river...

Feliz Día De Madre!!! 

Yeah I know it´s in May for us, but it was yesterday for our dear Argentines, so some of our missionaries got to call home yesterday, and I figured that I´d tell you HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY because I could.

Soooooo . . . This week! Guess who got a set of elders, a new branch and district president? Bella VIsta!! The elders are awesome. One of them came to  Resistencia with me, he´s from Buenos Aries and we became friends at the airport, and the other one is from Equador and we went and got our legal papers in Corrientes Capital together. So we're all friends and they´re both very pleased with how much my Spanish has improved. They´re both great and very obedient which is exactly what this town needs at the moment. 

We´re working with N....., M....., E....., and R..... at the moment. N...... is a little difficult because we only get to meet with her once a week and we invited her to church with us this last time and her and M.... have the same fear, that people will look at them funny and ask them what they´re doing there judge them and kick them out. It´s so sad. N....´s had a rough life, and loves to have us over when she can.
M..... PRAYED out loud at the end of the lesson for the first time and he´s been reading the Book of Mormon !!! We were so very happy about it!! He´s about 75 years old and lost his wife 6 years ago.  He has a hard time understanding us, but he likes to have us over, he´s very receptive to the spirit it´s great.
E..... is a sweet 16 year old girl, she is the most receptive of her family and is getting comfortable with us to the point that she gets excited to see us when she sees us in the streets and is commenting more in lessons. 
R.... is about the same, but she´s having a harder time having time for us to come over and teach her something. The other sisters had someone come to church this last Sunday  it was so awesome! the first time any of us have had investigators here while we've been here!

Alright . . questions!
Has anyone heard about Clay and Carli? they told me before I left that they were planning on getting hitched in August, How´s that working out for them? Speaking of marriage, did Hannah and Matt get married? 
How´s Bri doing? What´s her baby boy´s name? 

I love you all and I´ll talk to you later. LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!

Love you all! 
Hermana A Johansen

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