Wednesday, October 9, 2013

So much to say, so little time....

 I had leadership conference yesterday in Resistencia. Hermana Allred and I went and our comps stayed home and had a P-day together.

Mom I am so excited for your primary! Ya´ll are going full out on this! I had to brag about this to our Zone leaders and las otro hermanas. I´m so glad my little idea is helping out so much. Keep me posted, I love hearing about it. I could still be here in November, Hermana Lund still has her training, but here that doesn't mean anything is set. Missionaries can change comps in the middle of their training. 

First off: Marci. Thank you for your email. I do believe that you have never told me your story of how you gained your testimony. I don´t know if I have told you this before, but you going on a mission actually influenced me to make the decision to prepare for mine. I never thought that Sisters could serve missions, and always thought that it was for the Elders because it was always geared to the boys in primary. I had no idea. When you went it opened up a new door for me. I don´t think I can ever express to you how thankful I am that you chose to serve, because you did I was ready for the age change and to serve in Ohio and here in Argentina. Mike, who would've thought your influence would continue so much in this mission 18 years after you left. :)  Thanks for telling me that Marci, it´s really amazing to see the hand of the Lord in every decision we make in our lives. 
I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR LITTLE BOY!! this is going to be so much fun. It´s so crazy that you´re a mom! I love you and hope you´re safe, happy and healthy :)

Conference was amazing! I loved it! I understood quite a bit of what we watched in Spanish  None of our investigators came which was not very happy, but I loved it. We watched it with the Familia Duarte on Sunday. I can´t wait to be able to read it! Will you send me an English Copy? I love the Spanish and all, but I know I will get more out of it when I can hear their voices in my head. Did you know that ELDER SCOTT SERVED IN ARGENTINA!! AND THAT HE TRANSLATED HIS OWN TALK FOR CONFERENCE????!!!! SOOOOO COOOOL!! As you can see my mind is blown.

The work is good here, we´re working out some kinks in the branch and so it´s a little slow, BUT it´s coming along. We ran into a lady the other day who reads the BOOK OF MORMON!!  She was waiting for the coli and she looked sad and I just felt like I needed to talk to her. Turns out she wasn't sad, just tired from work. She was a very nice lady in fact  She asked us who we were and what we were doing, we told her, and she said that she met the Elders once, and they gave her a ¨bible¨ I was a little shocked, ¨¿Ellos le dio una Biblia? ¿enserio?¨ So I grabbed a Book of Mormon out of my bag and asked her if that was it. She said yes and that HER FAMILY READS IT, AND THEY APLY IT TO THEIR LIVES! and that´s not all, she then goes on to tell us about a verse that she loves in Nefi of how God is our support. We have plans to find her and her family as soon as we can!

Anyway, that´s our week. I´m glad everyone is doing well! Family! Keep safe, stay happy and share your testimony at all times (and when necessary use words ;)

HI, everyone else! Have the best week of your entire lives you little Later-Day Saints you!
(I tried to look at my tag to make sure I got the grammar right and then realized ¨Oh wait! Its in Spanish.¨ sometimes I´m a smart one:) 

Le Quiero!! Chao!!

Hermana A Johasen

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