Monday, September 30, 2013


Guess who's a momma!! hahaha yeah . . . I´m training. her name's Hermana Lund, she´s adorable, blonde blue eyed from SLC Utah, and directly from the MTC! Never been more nervous for anything in my life!! I've also never understood so much Spanish before! The first companion has such an impact on a missionary. I will be forever grateful for my 4 wonderful trainers (S. Stoddard, J. Palmer, and K. Neslen de los Estados y M. Torres aqua en Argentina) I hope that I will be able to help my little ones the way they've all helped me.  I must have been a real handful to need four trainers, and two run troughs of the 12 week program, I guess I´d better be good at it by now.

I also have the calling in the mission as a Sister Training Leader which is a lot like a District leader for the sisters. We go on exchanges and all that to help las hermanas strengthen their areas and see if there is anything they need that they don´t want to tell the Elders. It's pretty cool.

Primary was fun this week. We learned about how much Christ loves them, and when they were talking with the angels when Christ came to the Americas. The wife of the branch President came in to visit us, it was so nice to have someone there who knew the primary songs in Spanish  it's harder than most people think it is. I love my primary kids! I have the Address for you! Hermana Sayas loved the idea! you should have seen her face when I told her! She lit up like a little kid at Christmas.
I really like this idea. Have Steven or someone help you there with the lenguage incase en algun momento hay no mas hermanas de los Estados aqua en Bella Vista y ellos no puede entender sus palabras ;)

L..... (our strongest investigator this week) didn't go to church and neither did F...., That just shattered our hearts into little tiny pieces. It's really hard to find people here that will stick with it. Neither of our companion ships have been able to have success in getting people to church. We've been doing what we can, but they aren't realizing the importance. There are ways that we can improve, and we´ll do our best this week, but ya know it is all up to them. We've been focusing on being patient in this area, it's tough and all we can do is rely on the Lord for perseverance. 

People miss me? That's nice of them :) Tell them hi for me and that I live. 

Love you all!
Hasta la proxima semana!

Hermana A. Johansen

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