Monday, September 23, 2013

¡Soldadas del Señor en Bella Vista!

This week . . . Where to start? Hmmm . . . I´ll figure it out, da me uno momento. :)

PRIMARY! Mom i´m going to copy you in saying that man, I LOVE MY CALLING! BOTH OF THEM! Being a missionary and in the primary is pretty fantastic and very satisfying. The activity we had about la Obra Misional was a success. We had five kids come :) I have pictures, but the ones that other Hermanas have are better. We have them their callings the Sunday before and had them open them with their families. We had the  USA New York, New York mission, Brazil Sao Paoulo mission, and the Argentina, Buenos Aires Sur mission. We were going to have them split into groups but there weren´t enough to do that. We were in the ¨CCM¨ (Centro de Capacitacion Misional) where we had classes and learned how to fold a church shirt and tie a tie (which I can still do like a boss!) We studied language (how to say I am a child of God in English) and practiced inviting someone to church. The ¨Elders¨ invited Hermana Healey to church, and I was C....´s companion and we invited her parents to church.(It was so cute! President Gimenez almost cried!!) She´s this perfect little TINY four year old girl with the smallest voice and she has all of our hearts wrapped around her finger. After, we all went out with missionary supplies and invited the people who lived close to the Chapel to church the next Sunday.  Very successful I´d say. 

And there´s more to this story! C.... and R... wore their badges to church :) if that didn´t make me happy I don´t know what would. And C..... bore her testimony in primary, she wanted me to help her but her little spirit could convert lead to gold in a split second.

We found a 29 year old named F...... He´s AWESOME!! He plays the Accordion and actually is reading and praying!! AND AND AND he asks us questions, and not the usual questions about the US or missionary life, legit questions about the gospel! He really wants to learn from us and I really hope he progresses, if he doesn´t I think that´d break my heart.  He has amazing potential to be a very strong priesthood holder! Pres. Gimenez went with us to teach him and they´ve got a really good relationship going on, oh how I hope and pray that this works out!

We went back to President´s family after the lesson, they were waiting in the plaza and once R.... and C....  saw us they came running with big old smiles and everything. Those two are so much fun, they´re shy at first, but when you open them up they´re little balls of fire.

For real transfers are this week!! Ah! I´m losing my mind (mas o menos) I have a feeling that I´m going to be staying in Bella Vista con Hermana Hernandez, but ya never know, I´ve never been in an area for two full transfers, sure I only have 7 months in the mission, but ya know I´m not used to staying in one spot for very long. 

Have I told you how much I love personal study time? If I haven´t I´ll tell you what I love it a lot, I can´t get enough of it. I´m stuck in 1 Nephi as of late cause I´m really trying to feast my scriptures, and I´ve learned a ton. Like how the Lord protects his missionaries, and the importants of prayer. Sometimes it´s so obvious to see the commandments laced in the stories, I found at least three in a row mentioned when Nephi was building a boat and his brothers were giving him grief. The gospel´s amazing, it´s as simple as that, and oh boy is it ever true.

That´s my week in a nut shell. We´ll talk to ya later! Love you all! Hope you´re all doing well, can´t wait to hear from you next week.

Hermana A Johansen

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