Monday, September 2, 2013

Fairview and Little People church ;)


¡Bienvenido a la distrito de Goya! Estoy sirviendo en la lugar de Bella Vista, Corrientes. Tenemos un rama en este area, y tenemos lo mejor Presidente con una familia rey linda. Le amos nuestra rama y estamos muy animado a trabajar con los miembros. Tengo un nuevo compañera, obvio, pero ella es de diez! Ella es de Guatemala, se llama Hna Hernandez. Ella tiene 6 meses en la mision como yo pero ella llego aqua ese semana pasada. Somos dos compañerismas en Bella Vista. Tenemos Hnas Allred, y Healey. Los dos de Lago Salada, Utah! Nuestro mision especial aqua es encontrar se llama, SMAPIs, son Hombres quien tiene el sacerdocio, son activo, tiene llamamiento y ¿pagar? Diezmo. Encontrando personas como asi es rey deficil en las calles, entonces necesitamos trabajar a ful con los miembros! (Porque hay como 1 hombre por cada 6 hermanas en la rama, y solomente casi 25% de la rama es activo) ¡TRABAJAMOS CON URGENCIA! ¡VAMOS!

Hey, Steven, remember those moments when I would ask you what Nosortos meant OR that one time when you ever so kindly volunteered me to speak in our little branch in Ephraim  Haha yeah, those were good times. The Lord has been so good to me in the last two months to help me with ese idioma, es loco! Now it´s to the point that I can understand most of what people are talking about, what´s funny is I can tell when they´re saying that my native comp can speak so much better than I can. It´s a little frustrating but I just need to take a deep breath and relax. Then I tell them I've really only been speaking Spanish for two months, then they´re a little nicer to me :) 

So . . . I am currently stationed en Bella Vista which directly translates to Beautiful View, another word for Beautiful is Fair. so . . . LOGICALLY . . .I´m In Fairview :D ¡CHISTOSO! Mi encanta.

President Heyman told us in the meeting this last week in our branch that because we´re in a branch the missionaries could take part in callings if needed, and then we go buscar por our replacements. YOU´LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I´M SERVING!!!! Mom, we have the same calling! Because I have the most experience with the primary I get to organize and teach them how to do sharing time and a lot of the songs. I AM SO EXCITED! Pretty pretty please send me some ideas of how to work with my 10 primary children. This is going to be so much fun. The Primary President is a convert of 6 MONTHS! and is amazing. (Que paso con nuestro barrio and the llamamiento de Correstor? that´s crazy, mom, who´s working with the music? it´s crazy important to have that llamamiento, they don´t have enough people who know the songs or how to work with music enough to have someone do that here, come on 4th Ward!)

I don't know how things are going in Barrio 3 anymore and it has been driving me crazy, I hope things are working out with my people there. We made our own Titles of Liberty in my last Family Home Evening with Marisol, Ezekiel, Horacio and Martin.

Jessie´s due on Sabrina´s Birthday :D ¡QUE LOCO! Marci you've got to be the cutest pregnant lady ever! :D I´m so excited to have little ones to come back to! Only they won't be so little, they´ll be almost huge by the time I see them. 

Sounds like you´re all having fun! I love you all and pray for you every day, I try not to dream about ya´ll but you know how it goes, I just can´t help it, they´re involuntary and vivid! It was crazy last night I had a dream I was talking to the mom of one of my friends back home and I couldn't speak English to her!! I apologized and had to translate everything from Spanish to English IN MY DREAM! You know you´re learning a language when you have to do that! My Spanish still isn't that fantastic.

Anyway, my time is up. I love you all and hope for the best. Mom, I hope this was long enough for you, I´m glad you liked my joke :) I haven´t had the chance to tease you much lately and I missed it.

Steven, Gracias por su carta, estoy muy agradecida que tengo un Hermano como usted. One day I´ll be able to remember all sorts of words fast enough to write a letter to you in Spanish in good timing and with good grammar. but it´s a start. I´m excited for you in your calling! that´s so cool! It´s in the single´s ward right? You´ll do so good! Tell me how it goes, ya?

Dad, I hope you´re doing well and keeping safe. I pray for you everyday, and everyone who sees the photo I have of you and mom says that you two are so cute and that you look like an actor. I enjoy talking about you and mom, I kinda brag about you sometimes. Love ya :) Thank you for being who you are, loving my momma, and being a worthy priesthood holder in our home, it helps me know what it is we´re trying to help this branch accomplish here. 

Love you all! Tell people hi and hug friends and family for me :)

Hermana A, Johansen

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