Monday, September 9, 2013

Life as a Missionary continues....

How can there be so much to say, but when you go to say it you can´t think of it? I have no idea! 

What is going on with our country?!?!?!?  I have a lot of friends who´ll be out there facing some serious danger, and that kinda really worries me. Oh U.S. please stay safe, I want to come back to you and know you´re still in one piece in a year.

I am not a very lovely soprano. I´ve learned how to be a soprano as of late due to my companions. Viki wanted me to sing a song in English I tried my hardest to do so, but I couldn't remember the words in English to save my life! We all got a good laugh at that.

That´s great about Colton! Way to go Elder!! So excited for you!!  Oh my goodness a Cooper brother, that makes me so happy! 

The primary here is a blast. We had our first real sharing time yesterday about los mandamientos and we sang songs and stuff like that. We also gave out the first assignments for who will be sharing a scripture, compartiendo su testimonio, and praying next week. We have ten kids in our primary, and the president has been a member for six months. She really accepts my suggestions with an open heart and is very good at understanding and helping me when I don´t have my words right in the primary, she´s amazing! We´re having an activity this Friday with them about missionary work. Thanks for your help mom :) I want to send pictures . . . . but . . . . I have sad news . . . . I think my camera died. It doesn't want to turn on anymore. I tried to turn it on yesterday and it wouldn't work for me.  Which is really sad cause I want pictures of Bella Vista! It´s lovely, I am in fact right on the river which is evil when it´s really hot, cause there are all kinds of boats out there, and I have to try really hard to stay focused, but I manage. There´s a lady that we´re teaching named Ramona who´s husband is a fisherman, she has met with the missionaries before, and heard from someone else of some other religion that she needed to be baptized in the River or in a pond, she did not want that! . 

Have you heard anything from Sarah, Kiley or Laura? I haven´t heard anything from them in the longest time. Laura wrote to me while I was in Ohio. I haven´t heard from Sarah since the MTC, she was in my dream the other night about signing up for art classes, Allred was helping us find the best classes for various mediums and I almost cried when I woke up. Speaking of Allred, him and his wife are expecting a new little one, how are things with them? 

I love personal study time! I can´t get enough of it. I was reading about the Atonement today and felt so AWESOME! I couldn´t help but to think, why don´t people just TRY to understand how amazing this really is? Why don´t they just do it? The agency of other people can be so irritating sometimes, but what can ya do? Love em I guess, that´s all we can do.

Anyway, had a good week! Hope you did too! Love you all, please be safe, especially you Dad :) Love ya!

Talk to ya next week!

Hermana A. Johansen

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