Tuesday, September 17, 2013

¡Conferencia de las Hermanas!

I love my mission! (if you can remember how I sometimes sing my words, that is how this expression is supposed to be read.)
We had our Conferencia de las hermanas yesterday! The first in the history of the mission! We had about 46 Hermanas there. They went all out, they had table clothes and everything. The Office elders served us salads in their pink ties. haha it was so cute, I felt spoiled. The Stake president of Resistencia was there with his wife and they spoke to us for a little bit. I loved being back in Resistencia and catching up on what´s going on in Barrio 3. Anyway. Presidente Heyman talked to us about the Holy Ghost and the rolls we have as sisters and the special gifts we have in this work. Hermana Heyman told us how much she loves us and how grateful she is to have all of us here, then she taught us how to fold origami roses. AND then when we were taking pictures President Heyman walks in with an armful of Roses!! The really nice kind! They´re white with the red tips, Ya know? I cried like a baby yesterday, it was so great. President said ¨I´m the only man who can give you a rose on your mission. It´s like a dad telling his little girl that he´s the only man she can love until she finds that special someone. Gave me the giggles. Then he went to give Hermana Heymnan her rose, made the move to kiss her and she couldn't help but to laugh, and he had to give it another try, with success this time. I love seeing married people who remind me of mom and dad, it reminds me what I´m here for. 

So there´s my cheesy story for the week. This week was great we worked hard, and honestly it was one of those weeks where a lot happened and I don´t remember a ton of it, but I feel like it was a good week with a lot of good work inside. 

Primary this week was awesome. We only had four kids this week because of the rain, and our teacher forgot her manual  As a result it was my turn to improvise. We ended up teaching the Gospel of Christ (lesson 3) with a drawing that I learned in Ohio and accompanied it with Article of faith 4. It was successful and they were very attentive. I taught both hours and lead the music. In other words it was the Sunday of Hermana Johansen, being the teacher, music director, and part of the presidency. We gave out their little white pieces of paper folded to look like the letters we get with our callings for our mission inside for the activity this week. They all took them home and opened them with their families. Very successful I think. Each child will be called to a mission. They have three ¨missions¨ for the activity.  There´s the Argentina, Buenos Aires Sur mission,  Brazil, Sao Paolo mission, and the New York, New York mission. I´m so excited it´ll be great fun. 

Anyway, that´s my week in a nutshell! Love you all! 

Laura :D I got your letter! I will do my best to write back to you, it´ll take a while, but I´ll do my best! Love you and miss your face!! :D

Andrew Got his call to MEXICO!  Sanpete´s gonna be the home of the gringos that rocks!

Love you all!

Hermana A Johansen

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