Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Thanks for the pictures of the dog! I was just gonna ask for them. I didn't even recognize that it was Kevin in the photo, he looks a lot like Steven in that one it trips me out, and the light makes him look a little bit blond . . . . ODD . . . . first thing I thought when I saw that was, "Who the spazz is that? . . . . . oh." And Steve, those are cool!!! Did you draw them on yourself or just find some random Celtic not drawings on the computer? If you did do those, nice job! Thanks for sending those pictures, they were great. Can we keep the e-mail pictures up and send some hard copies that I can look at when it's not P-day? My camera isn't lost, no worries.  I'm taking pictures better than I have been the past few weeks, I'm trying to get some on the card so I can send the card home, I have another card in one of my bags I'll look for it today. I need to take a picture of me by the map by myself still, I've got ones with friends and family on their cameras. Can I get pictures of family with everyone's birth date on it? (FRIENDS if you could send some to me too i would love you forever) I want to be able to know when birthdays are so I can say it to them and not feel awful about missing it, that and pictures of everyone would make me a very happy missionary. (hard copy please :)
The Hermano Funk is not the same that served with Steve, if he was I would know, I talk about Steve all the time there would've been a connection made.

So! I had an idea!! I think it's beautiful. I have a CHALLENGE for ya'll. I would love it if everyone (family, friends, and such) could hand write their testimonies, and send them to me so then the people I teach will be able to know that it's more than just the missionaries with a testimony, and that people from all over the world know and love our Savior, and know that his Gospel has been restored. Your testimony can be on Anything, just make it YOURS. I'm also extending this invitation to the Primary, YM/YW, Relief Society, Priesthood, and Single's Ward. I'm really excited about this idea, and would love it if as many people as we can get to be involved.

Tell the Primary kids and my YW girls "hi" for me! I think of them often. OH!!! COOL STORY!! I did make it to MTC Choir, and I love it! This last Devo (Tuesday night) we discovered something amazing . . . . . you know the little documentaries they have between secession of General Conference about places around the world? WELL, they're doing one about the MTC. I don't know what day it'll be on, but they wanted to film the choir singing "Like Ten Thousand Legions" for the special, I don't know if my face will be in it, BUT I MIGHT BE! Keep an eye out and let me know how it is, ya?

Will someone tell me how Sterling Scholar turned out?? I don't know when it's supposed to be over, but I wanna know how everyone does, and who gets the positions next. Por favor.

That's cool that Elder Sanders is out and about finally! How's Kyle's prep going? When does he come in? I haven't found an Hermana Stone, but that's pretty awesome, thanks mom.

I'm glad you all had fun with Easter Choir, practices were probably better cause I was there, :) just kidding, I'm sure you all did great. I miss Pres. Harless, tell Sister Harless hi for me, I really hope that I can grow up to be like them.

Mike! When are you gonna send me some mission pictures and some stories that I can take with me? :) I'm really excited for those.  Lexi, I have your drawings still, they're on the wall above my bed here, I'm sending mom a picture soon so you can see where they are. Braxton, and is it Parker that share the same birthday this last little while? I realized that I never told you happy birthday before I left, so Happy birthday enjoy growing up! :) Love ya! 

Britney and Mikayla.  You're both very amazing daughters of a very loving Heavenly Father who loves to hear from you, and guess what, I'd love to hear form you too :)  Ya'll should write and tell me how things are.

Will someone get a hold of Hayden Stephens, I keep feeling like I need to write him a letter.

Missionary work is quite the experience. You really feel it when you know that your testimony has to be strengthened everyday for the benefit of other people. Especially for your comp and the people you teach. Remember that our Savior lives, that he suffered for our sins, sorrows, afflictions  and pain so that he could know, so he could learn how to comfort us. He's the only one next to our Heavenly Father who will understand you fully. Remember that the Holy Ghost is there to comfort you when you need it and help you to discern what it is you should do.

I love you all!!!!

Until next time.

Hermana A. Johansen

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