Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hola from the MTC!

Hola from the MTC!

I've been here for exactly a month today, and have two weeks left before they ship me out!
Story about what I know about my travel plans. Everyone going to Argentina is having a super hard time getting their visas, and there are high chances that I will be temporarily transferred to somewhere state side until things get taken care of. If I get transferred in close proximity to Utah, please don't attempt to see me. I love you all and if I see any of you and cannot hug you due to mission rules it'll break my heart and that would suck! Anyway, due to this temporary reassignment I have the possible chance of serving in 3 missions! If I get relocated, get to Argentina before the split and then get called to the new mission that would be incredible.
It's Elder Creer's birthday today, and all of us Hermanas were super excited. We even got up early and decorated his desk with wrapping paper, and got him . . . . a few . . . presents. We hid to surprise him and the other Elders, but they took forever, and we couldn't stop giggling! The mission proved successful never the less.
So my Comp and Hermana Moris were discussing who would be what animal, and they said I was a bunny, crazy ya!? Seriously? Their reasoning was that I was cute and dainty, little did they remember the stories Hermana Goodrich told us the other day. Her family use to have pet bunnies, her brothers would hold them up to the neighbor's HUGE dogs, and they would scream! The bunnies would scream and sound like screamin children! This one time when Hermana Goodrich was about 5, she had a cute fluffy bunny that she took with her everywhere, she saw a patch of grass and thought, "oh my bunny would love the grass." This patch of grass was in the Compost Bin. She left to go on vacation for a few days with the family, came back and couldn't find thumper. She looked everywhere, and was devastated  The bunny was next found dead in the compost bin. So now we have so many inside jokes involving screaming bunnies, and compost bins.
I was farther along in my reading than I said I was last time, and I'm working on memorizing Joseph Smith's First Vision in Spanish. I haven't been doing push ups lately, but volleyball's doing it's job. I'm usually the setter, thus I run everywhere. I love it! It's a ton of fun and now I remember why I loved it so much in middle school, and no one get's mad at you for messing up cause we're not keeping score. Unfortunately I've fallen into the trend of my injured friends. Mine isn't anywhere near as serious, and there's nothing I can do about it. I think I may have busted one of my toes from landing wrong after going for a block. I'll be ok :) don't worry. I think Elder Mecham, Elder Hafen and I should form a 'Busted Club' cause we can.
Dustin! Teleta! Casey! Taylor! Zach! Jake! and Emily!! Way to represent!! You kids rock! 
I don't have a ton of time to read and respond to all the way I would love to. So if ya'll could continue to use Dear Elder or write me by hand I would love it so I can keep them and accutally think about what I want to say to you. I also sent a couple letters out, did they make it? Or am I broken and unable to corectly post letters? Haha just wondering.
So MTC Choir is the BEST! We're practicing a song for the Easter Sacrament meeting this Sunday, and It's absolutely beautiful. Dr. Elifson needs to know of it's existence (sorry, I probably spelled his name way wrong).
About this Sunday, one of the 12 is coming to preside over the meeting. There will be tables of bread and water for all of the missionaries and there will be 100+ Elders to pass it as we take the Sacrament to commemorate the Atoning sacrifice of our Savior on Easter Sunday!!! :D  It's so cool!
So during TRC on Monday Hermana Bateman and I met one of the greatest old men I've ever met in my life! His name was Hermano Griffiths. He served the Uruguay on his mission, he also served in the Air Force for 6 years of active service and was on call for the next 8. I was so excited about that! We learned a lot form him even though we were supposed to be the ones teaching. He taught me to be confident in my presentation of the gospel and never to worry about the Spanish. He was also very patient with us, and laughed with us often. He said he comes every Monday and that next week we should stop by and say hello to him, I REALLY want to, he's my favorite so far. We also taught a woman named Hermana Mohrmon. How perfect is her name!!?? :D So fitting! "Are you a Mohrmon?" "Why yes I am, would you like to hear more?" Mwahahaha! She's been blessed with a missionary tool of a name! She's a very sweet lady, and lives in Payson. We taught about how to receive inspiration through the Book of Mormon, and testified of it's truthfulness and the promises inside of it.

Well I am way out of time, and I don't remember if there's anything else I need to say just now.

Working hard, and playing harder!
Love ya'll.

Hermana A. Johansen

I'm Almost Out of Here!! :D
and more importantly,

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