Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ho-la !!!


This last week's gone by super fast! The days have seriously begun to blur together. I'm starting to pick up a little more Spanish at a time, I don't know much, but I know more than when I came.

 Thanks, Dad for the pen!! That's one I will never be able to lose, my abdominal muscles hurt so bad after seeing it. Which set of scriptures did you take with you to work? I hope you took my nice ones, those have all the good markings and thoughts from seminary that have helped me a lot.

 STEVE!! You should've gotten a job teaching here! Maybe during the summers. Hermano Weist is so much like you it's crazy! How's school going for all of you? What's happening?? Thanks for the MNL in hard copy, Mom, I actually had time to read it last night, and for once it seemed like someone got more letters than Elder Hasleton for once. I felt so cool. There's a girl who works at the caf who's name is Amy, make me think of you.

Marci, Thank you so much for the package! I felt like a kid at Christmas. My Hermana's were blown away, and all I could say was, "My aunt loves me." I can't wait to use the stickers for the little kids. Love the journals and the sketchbook, I use them all the time. Sunday's are my release/doodle days, I love it so much. Love you!! (P.S. Family I love to hear from you, I don't know if I'll be able to write back to all of you but I will do what I can)

I don't know if I've told you this, but my district is the first Spanish district to have more Hermanas than Elders in it, as far as I know. My branch presidency is amazing!! The Prophet's nephew is the Second Councelor, and you can totally tell! His wife is le mejor (the best)! She comes in and tells us stories when she checks on us before we go to bed. I am the baby of the Hermanas in my district, the only 19 year-old of our small group of companion ships.

Our teachers are great! There's Hermano Funk, and Hermano Weist. Weist served in Argentina, and he loathes spiders with a burning passion! He doesn't even like to talk about it. BUT I will tell you the story his did tell us. (mwahahaha) So he and his comp were out beating down doors and they showed up to a fairly sketchy house that looked like no one had lived there for who knows how long. They shrugged it off. So Weist rings the door bell, waits for a little while, and leans up against the door frame for a minute. He looks up and there is a spider the size of his hands glaring at him and literally hissing at his face!!! They threw a rock at it to try to kill it, and all it did was fall to the ground with a thud . . .  still living . . . just fell . . . with a thud. I'll bet you can tell who ran away first. Best story I've heard all week!! I laughed so hard! There's a spider story for the Primary kids. Tell them I say hi.

Anyway. We have a new investigator this week, and will be getting another on Saturday. It's crazy since our spanish is moy mal, but we survive. It's helped us to learn how to do the best we can to listen, prepare, and go in with full faith in the Lord. So glad to be learning a second language, if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to experience this kind of humility. Humility and Diligence are the attributes I've been trying to work on this last week and have been able to see how we're given the appropriate trials to allow us to strengthen our weaknesses. I can't wait to go out into the field and meet "real" people, which is why TRC is so great, cause you get to meet people from outside of the MTC and realize that there is still a world out there with people who need the gospel, who are looking for it, or who just need their testimony strengthened and need to hear what we have say.

My Companiera and I have been called to be the Music Coordinators in our branch, which I am really excited for! It's gonna be awesome. We have the best District and Zone, even the big kids don't mess with us. Gym is a blast! A ton of us all get together to play Volleyball, we all know I'm not exactly the definitions of a graceful athlete (or a good speller :) but they're all really good at noticing the good things you do even when you feel like you fall short. We get a little competitive at times, and it's such a blast! I've made so many friends here it blows my mind. I guess that's what happens when you are all united under a common cause, no matter what your differences are you grow to love and accept everyone cause you try to see them the way our Savior does.

Lately I've really liked D+C 122:16 where Joseph is experiencing some of the toughest trials he'll ever face, and God tells him that the trials he faces will be for his good if he endures it well.

Love you all!

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