Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hola mi Familia

Hola mi familia!!! :D

Thanks for the letters!! I love them!! They're so happy making. I'm looking forward to the journals. Jus so ja know . . . P days are on Wednesdays, sorry if I freaked ya'll out by not writing on Monday.

MTC life is pretty crazy, they like to keep us super busy. Emotional roller coasters are an every day thing for all of us, but I guess that's necessary if we are to understand the meaning of the happiness we'll find and to be able to know something of what our investigators go through as we expose them to the gospel. I've never felt so close to the spirit as much and as often as I have here, and it's helped me not miss home so much. I knew I wouldn't anyway, I'm pretty good at not getting home sick, but it's helped me keep my thoughts where it's supposed to be.

I have a wonderful zone, and the best district. We are the first district to have more Sisters than Elders in the history of the MTC. (6 sisters 4 elders) I have a wonderful comp. she's about 4' 11" and basically if Jack Black was a lovely sister missionary you'd have Hermana Bateman (Batman). She said that I remind her of Robin Sherbotski, she says that if I were allowed to have a nick-name it's be Hermana Sparkles. She's awesome, and we get along rather nicely. Neither of us have had any previous spanish edu, so that's an adventure to deal with and has taught us how to rely on the spirit while teaching our investigator  We practically play sherades while teaching him due to our miminal spanish and his lack of english education. Funny story for Steven!! So you know how you had an Elder POND in our district???? Well there is an Hermana LAKE in mine.

I introduced my district to the light saber pictures, no one had any idea about them until I told them!! Turns out one of the sisters randomly had the right kind of maker for the job, so we're hoping to get those done soon. I'm not doing very good at taking pictures, I'm going to have to work on that.

I've seen so many people here!!! I've seen Colton Shelley, Carly Anderson, Melissa Lechner, Brayden Aims, Sheldon Shelly, Parker from my drawing class, Slade Roundy, Nia Ricks, and I think that's all of them I can't remember, there are too many to keep track of.

So I've had quite the experiences. We had our first teaching experience when I got here, and during one of the discussions we were talking to a Basketball player from Hawaii, who reminded me of Bear. We were all in charge of the discussion, and it wasn't entirely off to a good start, no one knew how to start it, and we were all itching for a particular thing to be said. I had an idea about families, and got the mic, and started talking. I tried to relate to him the best I could, and found out that his mom's his best friend, and his dad had died in a freak accident in a colission with a drunk driver. I flat out told him what I knew about the plan of salvation and what I knew about communication with our Padre Celestial and how life goes on after death. The Message really helped with what needed to be said. It was amazing!! and yes  . . . . I cried, I always do. I cry during our discussions during the discussions with our investigator (who is wonderful and very patient with us) and we're speaking in 1 year-old spanish! But after I got done saying what I did, I sat back down and everyone's like "You'll make a killer missionary!" I just shook my head and said to myself "now I just need to do that in spanish." I knew it wasn't what I had to say, it's what the spirit had to say, it should always be that way, and those who really want to listen will hear not what I have to say, but what the Lord wants them to hear. It is his work, and I'm only to be an instrument in the Master's hand.

I love this work, I realize that with a new light everyday, and I can't wait to get out there. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEN A WEEK!! Feels like I got here yesterday.

Yes, I do love Dear Elder, gives me time to think of what I want to say.

Tell Brittney that I love her, and hope all is going well, I was going to write a special goodbye to her, but I didn't get to before I left.

How's life and the music coming all you siblings of mine? Any fun dates Steven and Sabrina? Kevin, I want to have all of the Styx songs masterfully played when I get back ;) Work hard, play harder and don't let people give you crap.

Tell the primary kids that I say hi, and to sing loud so I can hear them. If I see Austin S. when he gets here I'll let you know.

Time's almost out. I love you all, PLEASE stay safe (family, and friends, and especially Dad) I pray for you everyday, and hope all goes well. Please make it so that you're in better condition than how I left you. Write all the lovely hard copy letters you want, I may not miss everything like I thought I might, but I do love to hear from you. Send taken/drawn pictures you know how much I love them.

Missionary work is the best! Spanish will find it's way into my life, but we love a thing called patience. I'll get it eventually. OH! STEVE!! What study habit helped you the most while you were here???? Nothing's clicking for me! I'm getting phrases, but the grammar and conjigation stuff is killing me!

Love you! Asta Luego!

Hermana A. Johansen

P.S. Have fun. LOVE YOU!!!!

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  1. Oh you are AMAZING!!! Loved reading this. You truly are an angel and will be a wonderful missionary! Love you girl!