Monday, August 5, 2013


Hermana Torres and Hermana Johansen

Baptisms are the best! Ezequiel and Horacio were baptized on Saturday and had the most amazing experience ever! The meeting was moy lindo! The son of the bishop, Maxi said Ezequiels name wrong the first time and had to do it over again. But it was amazing and they were both confirmed on Sunday during sacrament meeting. There were many times during studies when Hermana Torres and I stopped and laughed cause Horacio and Ezequiel are both members now! Ezequiel's mom wants so badly to be baptized and his sister finally came to church! we all knew that the baptism would be the key for Camila!

Crazy thing about the baptism. Earlier in the week we met a man named Andre. I was on divisions with Hermana Stone, a Utahn who has been on the mission the same amount of time as me. It was an interesting day to say the least. We are walking down the street to try to find someone with MLS and Andre pulls up on his motorcycle with his son and asks us if we have anything that he can have to teach his children about Christ. Blew our minds! We were a little nervous cause neither of us understand the language very well and we thought he had less than good intentions. We also met his friend, Jose, from Columbia  I was SO NERVOUS! I went back with Hermana Torres and Hermana Vera and turns out they are just fine. They all came to the Baptism! Jose, and Andre and his two kids! and they LOVED IT! They wanted to make it to church on Sunday but Jose was in Corrientes I think and Andre slept in. We told him that we stopped by his house to get him and his family for church and he missed it. He was supper bummed about that and is coming to church next week ¨si o si¨

Our bishops dad died the day before the baptism, it broke all of our hearts and it is so hard to see Mami Isabel so sad. We visited them last night. they are all so amazing and service oriented! They did so much for the baptism and made us food. What is this, they are supposed to let us take care of them. They are the best, I have they greatest ward in Argentina! The bishop is so inspired! He knows whats up ALL THE TIME!

I am having more culture shock than I thought I did. There are dogs everywhere, and there are HORSES eating out of the dumpsters! It is terrible. They are all sick and miserable looking, it breaks my heart. There are plenty of opportunities for service, but no one wants help. They are so good at doing things for themselves that they wont let me do anything to help them. I told Hermana Torres the other day that all I want is to cut someones grass with a machete, build their house and get them baptized.

There is a ton that happens and there is so little time to write.

I love what you did with the primary and that we have missionaries IN OUR STAKE! Oh, my district leader, Elder Peterson, was roommates with Dallin Bird at Dixie.


Love you all! So proud of our ward! Ben that's great! Darin, I'm excited for you.

You're all wonderful, love you, ¡EXITOS!

Hermna A Johansen

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