Monday, August 26, 2013

Crazy week.......

This week has been crazy! Preparing for a baptism and the first week of transfers at the same time is always interesting. We haven't met a lot of new people this week, cause we've been trying to hold on to everyone.

Sofia's baptism was a success! Martin baptized her, and it was amazing! Her family was there and she was so happy! There are many milagros que podemos ver even in the tough weeks.

Marisol is amazing as always, but were comp'n at the bit here with her need to be married. She wants to be baptized so bad, but has been putting off the marriage . . . were going to be working on this really hard if shes going to be baptized this weekend.

Emmanuel the little brother to Horacio was at the baptism and at church! There is a ton of hope for this kid. Were really excited.

Matias is having a hard time this week. He's got some opposition from his family, and hasn't made it to any meeting, not even Charlas.

Mom, you were right. They're called Panchas, they're really good hot dogs that they have here, and they put little baby fries on the top. They are really good!

Thanks Aleen and Jacob for the letters! and KC Karol and the kids for the Dear Elder letter!

Good luck with School! and Work. Mom I have a scripture for you :) 2 Nephi 3:25 line 2.

Love you all!!

Hermana A. Johansen


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