Monday, August 19, 2013

New Companion....

Hey everybody!

This week has been insane. Hermana Torres left and My new companion is . . . . drum roll . . . Hermana Quick from the state of Washington! We met in the MTC funny enough. She has one more transfer in Argentina than I do, and speaks very good Spanish. It has been so hard not to result to English. I knew this would be a struggle  but I know she can help me with so much especially with how to study Spanish  She has great passion for the work and wants to be very obedient, and knows how to still enjoy her time.
I know the area better than I thought I did, which was a relief. I think I am shocking a lot of our families here with how much I am talking now. More of my personality is coming out now that I have to speak. This week was a little difficult, I can feel the weight on my shoulders a lot easier now, but I know how to make it light and that's all that matters, that I know where I can put my strength.
Our barrio is very patient with us and is very kind and understanding, because they know that I still don't understand everything.
Our dear Sofia is going to be baptized this weekend! she has been counting the days! She is very faithful and something that is super cool is that she conducts FHE with her Sister Nadia, niece Mia and her little brother. We had quite the experience this last time. Her sister Eliana suddenly left the house around 8:30 without telling anyone. You never leave and walk the streets alone here, EVER! Nadia was so scared and crying, I would too if Sabrina suddenly left with a back pack full of clothes and told no one. I asked Sofia if she would like to give a prayer, and we all got on our knees. Eliana walked through the door 20 minutes later. ¡Que un Milagro! Sofia got to see the love of the Lord through an answer to her prayer.
Martin and Horacio went to the temple in Paraguay this last weekend and Loved it! Esequiel was ordained to the office of a priest and will take part in the Sacrament next Sunday.

Mom, Dad, Sabrina Steven Kevin, and family and friends Love you all! HI ERIK AND EMILY! :D Wow there are a TON of people who are all married! dang! Crazy.

Love you all,
Hermana A. Johansen

Thanks to Hermana Quick we have a picture :)

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