Monday, April 14, 2014

things that happened this week.......

This week also wasn't that eventful to be honest. Just doing the same thing as we do everyday. Honestly it´s like one big day and all we do is take naps in between. It has had it´s interesting moments though. 

We didn't have intercambios this week cause a national strike with the buses and the supermarkets and it threw everything off. But ya know it´s just going to make next week go by really fast. We have Consejo and probably two intercambios next week. And then we have transfers the next week so we´ll see what´s gonna happen.

So I was thinking about this the other day, and don´t worry I´m not trunky, I just think it´s funny that my planners are starting to over lap and I can start to see exactly what I was doing a year ago, but it´s been about a year since I went to Ohio! How crazy is that!!

Sorry this email is so short. I've got a lot of pictures to send ya and it always takes a good portion of my time on the computer.

Joaquin's baptism 

favorite Hermanas

:D more tan lines...

Hey, love you all! I´ll talk to ya´ll soon. 

Hermana A Johansen

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