Saturday, April 26, 2014


As you may see from the title this week, I can finally see through one of my shoes, there is a little hole right through it, and I´m wearing them right now.

Also this week we had Consejo. It was a bit of a harder hitting one, last month we hit our goal and record of 163 BAPTISMS in the month of March, but in April we've been having a tough time, we went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Almost NO ONE in the mission really has anyone that´s ready to be baptized this month, and that´s not a happy thing to hear, and Pres was not happy about that . . . neither were we. So we have our focus for our next millions of divisions. Hermana Heyman had an amazing message as usual. It´s always as if Presidte. Heyman has the what we do and Hermana. Heyman reminds us of why we do it. I got to see Hermanas Lund, Allred and Healey so that was a ton of fun and they´re doing well. Hermana Allred is kinda freaking out, this coming transfer is her last . . . yeah it´s weird.

Last night we had a little adventure. We went to Joaquin´s house with our ward mission leader and his wife to help out his mom and family. Thing is it´s really dark . . . and the way to their house is really muddy . . . . and they all have those crazy makeshift houses with thrown on tin roofs. I was helping Hermana Flores step in not so muddy places took a step forward and almost lost my face. I was going to send pictures but the computer wouldn't accept my camera today, looks like I´ll be sending it next week. It´s just a scratch, but it was crazy swollen last night and we had to go home a good half hour early cause my comp wanted to take good care of me. I thought I was going to have a gnarly bruise, but no, that didn't happen, and I'm bummed, cause it really hurt! It´s not as bad as it sounds.

As for the work. We are teaching a young man, he´s 26 and has epilepsy. He loves the church and wants to learn more, be baptized and quit smoking really bad, but something about his family isn't letting him. He´s got the mentality of a 9 year old and will give into peer pressure really easy and we can tell when he´s been smoking cause he´ll act all guilty and sad in contrary to his happy loving the gospel self. But he´s great and will be baptized someday soon. 
We also found a family of 10, they've had previous exposure to the church and even have family who are members. There´s promise there. I love families of 7+ someone always has the tendency of listening. 

Joel´s so cute! And I can´t wait to go Rock Climbing again with all of you! Don´t worry I can wait a little longer, I´m not trunky. Mom your dreams are crazy, you´d be amazed with all the crazy dreams I have.

Transfers are this Tuesday and that will finalize if I am going to Skype or not and where, so that should be a lot of fun. If we stay here we´re gonna do it at Gabby´s house, she´s great and we love her lots.

Anyway, tell everyone hi for me! Love you all! and I´ll talk to ya soon.

by the way, the foto with my blue legs is not that I´m bruised, its cause we bought new wet socks and the dye made my legs go blue. 

Love you all!!!!
Hermana A Johansen

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