Sunday, August 17, 2014


Mom, I´m so happy that you had a great birthday! Your SMORE cake looked really good! Don´t worry about saving me some, for one I don´t think it would last that long with the siblings I have, and two, I´m sure it just wouldn't taste the same. Your date sounded really fun, I´m really proud to have parents who love each other, it´s really a huge blessing.

We had an interesting week this week. Hermana Riquelme´s been struck by a fever and we had Zone conference. Both took a lot of time out of working, but I learned so much from both experiences. 

We taught our 80 year old man in a wheel chair, Hermano Torres, he´s pretty great and he wants to come to church. The recent convert Gabriel came with us and they got a long really well. They have a huge age difference, but it could work out, Gabi´s great and Hermano Torres needs help getting places. Jorge could help him get to church, he lives a lot closer and always goes anyway. 

We also have Rosana, she´s great, has good questions, but doesn't wanna go too far without her ´husband,´ which is great that she wants that and loves him enough to do that, but he could really be an obstacle if he doesn´t take it well. Her son Axel loves us and made us a turtle. 

Have fun getting ready for school! Enjoy it, and don´t forget to keep living. Accept what the Lord puts in your way, and enjoy the day you have while you have it and live it to it´s fullest. 

Love you all!! Please be safe and Keep on keep'n on! The gospel teaches us to be good at that :)

Hermana A Johansen

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