Monday, August 18, 2014


So this week was completely crazy! I got emotionally thrown to the ground, but thanks to what I know of the gospel and the fact that I know where to turn when hard things come my way have allowed me to keep moving on and feel as much joy as great as was what ever it was that I felt. Funny thing is that during weekly planning the goals I made for the week were loof for spiritual experiences, write in my journal, accept the will of the Lord, and forget myself. The Lord has a funny way of making things work and helping us become stronger disciples of Christ. It´s true when they say that your last transfer is the hardest, but that´s when you learn the most. I know that the Lord is only preparing me for what is to come and what he needs me to do at home. I´m not look'n back or too far forward, we´re gonna work off what ever tails we have! :D Hermana Riquelme doesn't wanna say good bye, I don´t either, I´m gonna miss my Chilenita. 

That´s cool that Elder Birch gets home so soon! Tell his family hi for me please? I´m so excited to see them! That´s great about Tyler/Sabrina and about his family too! :D

I´ll keep whatever type of tissue I have with me. This is gonna be fun. 
Jorge won´t be able to be baptized for a while. We´re getting him the 12 step program to complete before his baptism so he can be baptized and do it for real.

Happy Birthday Issac and Abuelo Steve!! Love you both so much! Hey, Steve, I´ll have to bring you some Mate to drink with your big ol´ mate cup. 

I´m glad you´re all happy :) Nothing makes me happier than to know you´re all doing well and staying safe.

Love you all! The church is true and you are de gran valor y importancia! Please don´t ever forget that. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

Hermana Amanda Lee Johansen.

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