Monday, June 16, 2014

Father´s day, mundial, Chili-dogs and Philly Cheese Stakes

There was a little girl watching Disney´s Robin Hood in the other room during one of our lessons and it almost killed me. :)

This week was kinda fun! We got to fix 2 bikes! We were looking for service opportunities this week and there were two girls two different times completely different places and their bike chains were giving them a hard time. So we went up to them and we fixed them for them. . . . Well I fixed them :) My comp just laughed and gave me suggestions as I fixed them. I loved it. I miss fixing things and getting my hands dirty like that. I wish we could say that we got a meeting with them later and they accepted to be baptized, but they didn't want to listen much after their bikes were fixed, they had other places to be. 

There was a baptism this weekend from the Elder´s area. Our investigator Marcos went. He came with a member who is amazing! (Hna Sallago, she´s adorable and takes good care of us.) It really was a little milagro that he could come. At first it looked like he couldn't make it and that there were too many complications, BUT he made it anyway :) Hopefully he keeps progressing and that we get a good foot in with his family, that part´s key. We meet with him at the Sallago´s and we haven´t been able to meet his family yet. We´ll get there. 

Just a thought in the moment . . . I can´t wait to work on my computer with my own music and can email or do what ever without having to listen to stupid video games and ridiculous music. Just saying, Cibers are great, but they have their downfalls. 

My comp is amazing and is so incredibly humble and full of faith. It´s so easy to work with her, or at least it has been. She gets so excited when she feels like something will help us in the work and it only helps me out a lot and allows us to work harder. I didn't spell Chili-dogs wrong  it says exactly what I mean. We were talking about what we wanted to eat for lunch today and she asked me if I wanted to try a Hot dog Chili style (una Chilena Poncha) I agreed and found out later that all it was, was a PHILLI CHEESE STAKE! I was so very happy. We made tacos last week and i made pancakes i think yesterday . . . yeah. Mom! When I read that you were all eating PB&Js an Smores I almost cried, told my comp and she almost killed me cause it sounded too good. :) Love pb&js. And by the way, I feel like I´m in Utah sometimes in certain parts of Reconquista, it looks like Provo and Moroni put together. There are a lot more trees here and I´m loving it. It´s loads different than Formosa. I didn't know Santa Fe wasn't in Mike´s mission. 

I´m glad you all had a good week! HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD! It was father´s day here too, AND Argentina played! AND Won! We didn't even have to talk to anyone, you could hear it in the streets. They made us go in early so it´s all good. Thanks for the support Steve! I hope they don´t loose . . . We want the work to go good. They are super passionate about football. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week again, make some more stories to tell me. Tell everyone hi and give them a hug for me. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Hermana A Johansen

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