Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transfers tomorrow! and . . . I think I´m gonna be staying here

We had a decent week, WE HAD SOMEONE AT CHURCH!! Finally!  he´s 24 years old, and asked his pastor if he could come to church with us. As you may already know, yesterday was
Fast and Testimony meeting. He didn't take the sacrament, but the got up to share his testimony. It was alright up until he said that he could receive revelation for other people. We just taught him once and I wan´t even there thanks to exchanges. We have a meeting with him on Wednesday so if we´re both still here that should be fun.

Yeah transfers are this week, and I think I´m going to be here in Formosa for a while. Hermana Bedoya thinks I´m gonna die as an HLC, and I personally think I´m about done. I love it, I just think my time´s up . . . Which wouldn't be the case if I stayed, cause the area is the
HLC area. Oh well.

This week . . . what else happened this week? . . . OH! I finally made those brownies that you sent me for my birthday! We had an amazing Zone Conference. The Heyman´s LAST! It´s the craziest thing! AND it´s Hermana Allred´s LAST pday, and I bet her and Hermana Lund are spazzing out right now, I can just see it.

We found a cute girl named Florencia this week. She wasn't able to come to church this week, but we´ll get her. She´s super cute, I think she´s 16 and really relates to Joseph Smith´s story. She has a special little spirit and we love her. We also met a lady who´s been listening
to missionaries for about 9 or so years! She knows it´s true, and just has these silly obstetrical. We´re gonna see if we can help her out with that. As for the Portaño family, they couldn't make it to church either, but it´s kinda tough when the only days we get to see them is on Sunday. They were thinking about us all week and actually drove by the church. So that shows something. Sadly they didn't read the pamphlet, but they will :) We hope so.

We had a good week anyway.

LEXI! Hunny, I´m so proud of you! You´re so pretty in the picture mom sent me! Thank you for smiling for me :) Mike, that´s one cool story! Crazy what the Lord can do, and pays such good attention to the little details.

Hey kids! (Steven, Sabrina, and Kevin) I know it´s vacation time, but don´t slack :) Keep yourselves busy, well Steve you have work so have fun with that. Make some mischief for me would ya? Have a fun summer with out me, cause I´ll be there for the next one, muahahaha.

Love you all, please stay safe at work, Dad. Thanks for the fotos mom!
I need to charge my camera before I can send more pictures.

Hermana A Johansen

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