Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reconquista, Santa Fe.....

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!  I sure hope the date´s not until September! I want to be there so bad! Nice work Dave! Mikyla you´re a lucky girl :) He´s a good one. 

As for this last week there is quite a bit that´s happened. I have officially worked in every province in the mission! and everyone thinks I´m gonna die (end my mission) in Santa Fe. I have a cute companion from Chile, Hermana Ruth Riquelme. She´s a sweetheart and loves everyone. The first day that I got here was Hermana Allred´s last day! She got to spend her last day with me and I got to help kill (send her home) her off :) It was a lot of fun, I spazzed out when I saw her from the window on the bus, Huge surprise for me! and Hermana Lund is my HLC, I feel like when your parents get old and their kids take care of them, ya know? We have really great Zone leaders, I was so excited to know that I would be working with them this transfer.

We have a cute little branch full of mostly women and an elder is the branch pres. Poor kid had 8 months in the mission, and had a really bad cold this week. You really can´t afford to be a missionary, Branch President and be sick.

Little milagro of this week: We´re working a lot with the recent converts and went to go start the lessons with one of the boys and his mom. When we got there the Augostin´s friend Marcos was there and he sat in on the lesson. We focused a lot on him too. We taught them the Restoration and Follow the Prophet, and in the end invited Marcos to be baptized. HE ACCEPTED! and was excited about it!! Later when we came back to pick up Augostin´s mom to go with us to a lesson they told us all about how they were talking about what the Book of Mormon was and how things were at church. Really cool experience and high light of the week. 

WE HAVE A WASHING MACHINE!!! so much easier to do laundry and we don´t have to ask anyone else to do it for us!! So happy! :D OH and we have hot water! It lasts through four girls taking 10 minute showers (even though a girl taking a ten minute shower seems impossible I managed to do it in 8 minutes once :)

Well, I´m glad you all had a great week! and that you´re all safe and happy :) Have another good one so you can have stories to tell me next week.

Love you all!

Hermana A. Johansen

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